Friday, September 14, 2012

Time Back in History

September 6th

Jim Bridger's Trading Post

Fort Bridger Historic Site was not far from Evanston, so we stopped by for a visit and a history lesson.  The past came alive through costumed interpreters, museum displays and reconstruction of Jim Bridger’s trading post.

“I have established a small fort, with a blacksmith shop and a supply of iron in the road of emigrants on Black Fort of Green River, which promises fairly…”

Thus spoke Jim Bridger in a letter he dictated to would-be suppliers in 1843.  While the small fort only last less than a decade, Bridger’s words proved to be prophetic.  Not only did the location “promise fairly,” it proved to be one of the main hubs of westward expansion used by mountain men and Indians to emigrants and Mormon pioneers, the U.S. Army, the Pony Express, the Overland  Stage and the Union Pacific Railroad.  If it happened in the opening of the American West, it affected, or was effected by, Fort Bridger.


School House (tin)  for Bridger's four children
& Wash / Laundry Room (stone)

Old freight Wagon

Military Guard House
So much to see and the history lesson was incredible, well worth the $4 for admission.
Tell next time....

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