Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hangin' In Colorado

September 8th - who knows when .....


Fall 2004

Colorado is such an magical state for us; breathtaking scenery, stunning  wildflowers, crystal clear water, abundance of wildlife, outstanding OHV trails, and just the history no matter where you go.  Of course there are the winter activities, however that has not been our cup of tea.

Deb's first experience was the summer of 1997, when Jerry had  planned to take a summer vacation with the boys.  We tent camped in the Weminuche Wilderness, part of the San Juan Mountains in Pagosa Springs right along the creek. 

Can't remember location - sorry

We are always looking for new "boondocking" (free camping) spot to stay of the evening or even a few days, which if we had our choice it would be a nice sceneric spot, off the beat path, and by water of possible.  Well our friends over at Denning RV Travels told us about a place that sound like our kind of place.  It had all the crietria and the big monster could fit - double bonus!!  Max and Jerry enjoyed a little water activities, but the water was much too cold for Deb.

Jerry enjoyed his luck at gold panning (no such luck), which Max enjoyed swimming.  Sometimes, we think we have a fish instead of a dog as our companion - LOL.

If you are interested in the location, here you go...  Hwy 70 exit 133 (West of Gypsum, East of Glenwood Springs), go North toward Burns until you see a brown Nat'l Forest access sign on right, take road off to the left.  Follow the road as it "Ys" stay to the left.  You will see private property signs on both sides of the road, it's okay just stay on the road.  That takes you to the camping area; we stayed in site #3 - only one for BIG RIGS.  The roads are maintained dirt roads, but still some wash boards - just drive slowly.

Spring Flowers - Silverton

Twin Bridal Falls, Tellaride
Thought we would head to Leadville and do and little trail riding (OHV), but once we arrived it was 62 degrees and raining.  So we decided to go down south a little more and try to get out of the rain.   Northop was our next stop at Chalk Creek Campground & RV Park, as we have stayed there a couple other times.  Just as we got parked the rain set in for two days, so we just enjoyed our downtime. 

We are onto Colorado Springs to visit our friends Jack & Karen.  They have actually adopated Deb as they granddaughter; they say she looks and her actions remind them of their granddaughter Katilyn.

Mama bear with her two cubs

Then we will travel further south to Alamosa to visit another friend, a wheelin' buddy, Alec & Jodi.  Looking forward to pulling the cruiser off the trailer and hit some trails.


You see the trail, right?!?  
We drive many of roads that look this this - narrow road and drop-off.

The precarious position of the Allie Belle Mine building in 2004. 
This is off Hancock Pass Trail for you trail lovers 

Got to get ready for dinner, so tell next time - Peace Out!!

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