Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bakery, Dirt & Wildlife…

August 2012
We needed a break from work and doing things around the rig, so it was time to load up the cruiser and head out. 
First stop was to Beckwourth Bakery in Beckwourth, CA. as they are known for pastries and cakes.  Didn’t realize they were that well known; they had a world map on the wall for people to put a pin where they lived – there had been people from all over the world – and now us.
Candian Geese basting in the sun
Apparently we enjoy the taste of dirt and scratchy eyes; as it seems most of our journeys end up on dirt roads (and of course we don't have the windows zipped down). 
 But why not; less people, endless spaces, mountains ranges, rivers/lakes, and usually always some sort of wildlife.  This time was no different….
Young coyote resting in the brush
Max enjoying his swim with hundreds of dragonflies

As we were about to come into a residential area, this little fella was right next to the road, then crossed in front of us.
  What a great way to end our day of exploring!!
We say; spread your wings and take a different path then usual or turn down that dirt road, you might just be surprised as to what you might see.
Falon soaring for us
Life is Good ~ get out and enjoy it! :)

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