Saturday, September 8, 2012

REALLY!?!… Is there a Full Moon?

September 3rd – 4th

We had some business to take care of in Reno (aka RV business), which required us to make a hotel reservation for four days.  After living full-time in a RV, that was the last thing we wanted to do!  If we have to stay in a hotel why not stay in a nice resort at the Grand Sierra Resort & Casino, which is also pet friendly!   They also have an RV park, which we have stayed at a couple of time to get other RV business taken care of, which is why we chose to try the hotel.
Old Living Room TV

New Living Room TV

So we arrived on Monday the 3rd, so we stayed in the RV Park in order to meet our 8:30 a.m. sharp appointment.  It didn’t take long to find out we would be sharing the RV & Hotel with all the “burners” (aka Burning Man attendees), as all the vehicles were covered in white dust.  It was fun to people watch and see all the neat rigs, as Grand Sierra held an after party for the burners.  This is just one of many rigs, Deb just happen to think this was a "FUN" way to travel.


Tuesday turned out to be a very interesting day – was there a full moon?  

·         Remember, we had an 8:30 sharp appointment, so Jerry decided to go ahead of me as I checked out of the RV Park.  All was cool until Deb realized Jerry forgot to leave the Toyota keys with her.  He had to get an employee to bring him back to the RV Park.

·         Then we decided to go by the cabinet shop to pick up our left over stain, so we could have some additional work doing later.  Found out they had used it on another job, so they had to get more stain made up and deliver it to us.

·         A quick trip back to the Sierra RV, brought bad news!  They were unable to perform the service because the wrong part came in – that is after waiting 6 weeks for it to come in.  Deb made a quick call to an childhood friend who lives in Nacogdoches, TX to see if he could handle the job – after all he owns Xtreme Graphics and Painting specializing in RV work.

·         The lady that purchased our Class C text to tell us they were stranded on the side of the highway (six hours before the tow truck showed up) – a tire blow, ripped out the battery harness, and shredded the compartment by the tire.  Later to find out the metal braces that support the compartment rusted out and fell on the tire, which is what cause the tire to blow and rip out the harness.  Man we felt so bad, even though we had no clue about the braces. 

·         You would think that is enough – Oh NO!  Our son call to tell us his dog (our grand dog) got stolen from a buddy’s back yard. 

Needless to say we were so ready for Tuesday to end, however we were so happy to
know we didn’t have to stay in a hotel for four days!!  Instead we stayed in the RV
Park one more night – in our own home – awe it’s the little things that make us
happy!  ;)

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