Monday, September 17, 2012

Enjoy your flight ~~~

WELCOME to “The AIRPLANE Restaurant”

This fully intact Boeing KC-97 tanker is the centerpiece for The Airplane Restaurant. Built in 1953, this magnificent airplane refueled aircraft throughout the world. Then, in May 2002, it began its second mission~ to be the preeminent aviation restaurant in the United States. Forty-two passengers can actually eat in the plane of the 275-seat restaurant. Rich in aviation history, displaying 100's of pictures, memorabilia and rare artifacts, which offers a flight through aviation history.
Inside the plane
We found the food to be average to decent, along the line of a chain restaurant. The prices were definitely higher than the quality of food should command, but the novelty of eating in the airplane was worth it all.

When we came in for lunch the place was near dead.  We were one of only three parties inside the plane, which is attached to and one flight of stairs above the main restaurant. The table tops in the plane were made from old flight maps from all over the world – ours from the Seattle area.  The menus are interesting, printed as a newspaper that you can take home as a souvenir that has all kinds of interesting historical aviation facts.
 One Propeller inside the restuarant

If you prefer to eat inside the conventional part of the restaurant, there is still plenty to see. The wing of the airplane, complete with the prop cuts through the main dining area, and there is plenty of memorabilia scattered around. The bathrooms also pipe in sounds of takeoff and landings.  We understand they use to have a 3D projector on the wall as if the aircrafts where coming straight toward you – how cool would that be with the landing sounds!

I wouldn't recommend this restaurant solely on the food, but the combination of the novelty and decent eats makes it a great one time stop for anyone interested in aviation or for families with kids.

What a view from the cockpit

Bucket your seat belts, turn your phones off, and enjoy your flight....

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