Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hello World - Goodbye Tahoe Recreation ~

September 2nd
The time has come to pack up the rig, load the trailer, check the fluids, and say our goodbyes to our CLM (California Land Management) home.  It has been a beautiful place to live this summer, not to mention the wonderful guest we have meet.  THANK YOU for all the great friendships, advice on places to explore, lovely comments on the campgrounds, and the list can go on forever.  You all will be missed dearly!!

Bird watchers paradise - there were all kinds
We will also miss all the birds, raccoon, and foxes, but not so much all the little furry rodents (chipmunks and ground squirrels) or rats.  Max got plenty of exercise trying to keep them out of the rig - LOL

Max held the fox hostage in the tree
This was our first camp host job, which we say was grand compared to working behind four walls every day.  However remember it is still a job, so just like any other one, there are likes and dislikes.  Of course Deb’s favorite was talking with the guest; as her non favorite - driving the extra 14 miles to cover the other two campgrounds on a daily basis that lost its host.  The question has been asked by many --Would we camp host again?   Yes, the positives definitely out ranked the negative ones.   Just not sure it could be in an area where we had NO communication for long periods of time.
Some people have asked how you find jobs like this:  use the internet to search for jobs in the area you want to visit (Tahoe, Death Valley, Yellowstone, etc.), talk to others as you travel, or perhaps read books like “How to Support Your RV Lifestyle”.  If you are interested in working in the forest; you might want to check out CLM Services website:, as they operate in 5 states (CA, OR, WA, NV-Tahoe Basin, and CO).  Or check out they list daily opportunities in all parts of the United States.
Until next time, be safe and enjoy every moment life has to offer ;))
Now that is massive, think it's time to minimize

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