Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Taking the Scenic Route ….

September 5th
After looking at the weather in Oklahoma and Texas; the decision was made to take our time - explore and enjoy the scenery.   Not quite ready for the 90 - 100 degree temps after a year of being in high 80s or lower.
US-50 "The Loneliness Road" runs coast to coast crossing through a dozen different states and four state capitals, as well as the nation's capital, Washington, D.C.  Along the route are some of the country's most manificent lanscapes: the Appalachian, Rocky, and Sierra Nevada mountains, the endless farmlands of the Great Plains, and the desiccated deserts of Utah and Nevada. 
Although we couldn't take the full route we decided we would take it from Reno, NV to Great Basin N.P.  And if you know Nevada you already know our route is the desiccated desert, however after five months in the Sierra Nevada mountains it was a welcome change.   
US-50; gas up as there are long periods between towns
Where did all that sand come from?
There was a slight issue once we left Ely, NV; where did US-50 go, we ended up on US-93N.  Without looking at a map; does anyone know where that took us?  Maybe this picture will help. 
Sorry for the quality, there was a lot of smoke in the air
Any guesses?  A place were 622.407 mgh is acceptable...
How about ....

Yep Utah heading toward Salt Lake City… with our current rig we where unable to turn around and we hadn't been to SLC so why not. 

Plus we have a wheelin’ buddy that lives there, so hopefully we will be able to meet up with him.   After a couple of calls; we found out he had moved to Alamosa, CO about a month ago.  But that’s okay; we will be heading that way too ;)   

 With the “monster rig” we have right now (39’ rv + 18’ trailer) it kept us from getting into a lot of places, including SLC's attractions --- oh how this must change!   Before we knew it Evanston, Wyoming became our home for the evening.

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