Thursday, October 2, 2014

Colorado: Mountain & Canyon Site-Seeing

September 25, 2014

Woke-up to a beautiful sunrise… laying there thinking about the mountains and foliage.  It’s the local news fault…really!!   They just keep showing all the beautiful mountain area and foliage.  We’re here, nothing to do for the day, so why not! 

Jerry was gain, so we decided to head toward South Fork Valley (around Fairplay, CO) to explore some land options for RVs.   Are we ready to come off the road – NO…not full-time anyways.  As we travel and explore different area; we always like to check out options as you never know when a deal will fall in our lap, but really just getting educated for when the time does come.   However there was a bonus…the valley was in full bloom – there were shades of yellow, gold, red, and greens everywhere.  My pictures do not give it justices (guess I should start using the real camera instead of iPad or iPhone), but our memories have the vivid colors locked in.

South Fork Valley, CO

I once read this quote: “The road ahead is your focus not what is behind you.  Be open to all the possibilities and adventures that await you”.   So think we will see what adventures await ahead for us?   Thanks to our handy Colorado gazetteer shortly the trip developed from mountains to canyons (mountains we had seen before, but not the canyons), the canyon route up Central City Hwy (or Hwy119) to Estes Park via Hwy 7 and back home.  Unfortunately, daylight started running out, had a noise in the engine compartment, and being in a dark canyon didn’t sound to appealing to us.  So only half way up 119, we decided to cut through to Boulder via Boulder Canyon Road.  Not only does it give us reason to come back, we also have a 4WD road to explore – “Oh My God” Road…so we will be back.


An amazing day; long but never forgotten. ;)  ~D

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