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Moab, UT - Gemini Bridges & Bull Canyon Trail

October 5, 2014

Gemini Bridges covers a region between Highways 191 and 313, reaches some grand vistas and accesses numerous other routes to explore, some require 4-Wheel-Drive so know your limits! The highlight is the spectacular twin bridges, called Gemini Bridges, on the rim of an arm of Bull Canyon.   A natural bridge is formed by running water and spans either a present or former waterway.

Twin Brides - side and top views (photo courtesy of

 CAUTION - Your life is in  Jeopardy! Around Gemini Bridges, keep a close eye on children and foolish adults near the cliffs. Several individuals have lost their lives here. At least two people have fallen to their death attempting to jump the 6-foot gap between the two spans. On October 9, 1999, Beau James Daley, age 19, fell 160-feet from the outer span as he attempted to drive his jeep across the bridge.


You never know what you might find in these remote places...

We spotted this guy attempting to cross a 40-foot section on a tight rope while we were exploring the twin bridges.  He finally made it across, as several of us applauded him, before returning back across.  All I can say; "he's a brave soul"!!  Not Recommended by the average person.

While out for a drive scouting out other camping options we saw Gemini Bridges Road off 313; a reasonable dirt road with a few rough rocky and sand spots, however most SUV can maneuver without issues. The road is shared with many different types of travelers: your daily SUV driver, off-road enthusiast, mountain bikers, ATVs, and dirt bikes – especially busy during the weekend (April, May, and October being Moab's busy season) so please use caution during your travels.  As far as camping options; BLM camping is not an option anymore in this area, as with many areas around Moab, UT.  All camping must in designated campgrounds or RV parks only!

The canyon road Jerry wanted to get to, but we didn't

Realizing this area is our kind of nature, we know we had to return to explore more.  Jerry had noticed there was a road in the bottom of the canyon, so he wanted to return and see if we could find it. After a few side roads we ran into a couple of ATV, which thought the road we were looking for was Bull Canyon trail.  And we were off….

The trail kept getting more interested, even though you wouldn't think so from the picture; we had a quarter tank of gas with a stock jeep, and NO CLUE where we were headed. Soon we meet-up with a Rubicon jeep and ask how the trail was ahead… rougher rocks and a turn-around spot…you mean we have to come back the same way?  As she (the driver) smiled and said; “yep, we hoped not, but it does” (whoever likes to go back the same way you go – we don’t).  We soon decided we might not be equipped properly (no lockers), so we turned around to start our decent out of the very rocky wash/trail.  However, now I wish we could have made it to the end..I now know there was a short walk to an arch---bummer!  GUESS IT’S BETTER TO BE SAFE THEN SORRY!

If you are planning a trip to Moab, UT and care to visit this area, then these driving instructions provide more details on how there. 

Bird Rock Formation

So much to do in this area; there's just no way to do it all... just more reason to come back!  ~ D

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  1. like the rock formation very interesting but can't believe some people would would try and jump are drive over some of those spots. crazy I guess that is why they aren't around.