Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Wrapping up our time in Colorado

It’s time to start thinking of our next move; after all we have been in some part of Colorado since mid-July – the last 5 weeks in Northern Colorado.  

This is the longest time we have gotten to spend in Colorado in any given time, which has been amazing. We had the pleasure to travel with Jerry’s oldest brother and wife for a 2 weeks in the SW area; 1 weeks enjoying nature in the national forest off the grid, 2+ weeks in The Springs area visiting friends and exploring and 5 weeks property sitting for a couple we have never meet, so they could be part of the Cannonball crew staff for Gary & Linda #57.  

#57 Gary & Linda @ Finish Line; First time a vintage motorcycle w/ sidecar has done the Cannonball Run

However, after only minutes we felt like we knew Phil & Karen forever.   We enjoy our “toys”, but Phil has some “toys”!  These are just a few...
Phil & Karen

50s Jeepster
60s Jeep

Indian Tribute all aluminum hot rod

40s Indian Motorcycle

40s One Ton Rat Truck

Everywhere you turn you see sites like this...

Oh and Max let us know things were flying in the sky...

Hot Air Balloon

Hang Glider
Bald Eagle High In The Sky

Living this lifestyle doesn’t mean we still don’t have to deal with life’s normal things; as you may recall we had brake issues while being in the back country outside of Pagosa Springs and then the A/C clutch started making noise as we started toward Central City canyon area, so a whole new A/C set-up (clutch and compressor) has been installed before leaving Greeley. 

Jerry, Phil, Jim and of course Max putting AC system in Jeep

Hope you keep following along to see where we end up next…. Hint:  it will be drier climate. :)  ~D

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  1. so glad you got to enjoy Colorado this time around better then the others. Beautiful pictures, love seeing the places you get to go, I feel like I am there also.