Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Northern Colorado Roadtrip & Foliage Tour

September 17, 2014

We never like to go back the way we went, however that WAS our plan when we visited The Rockies. However after dealing with bumper to bumper crowds, not wishing to get anymore oil on the jeep (road crew was resurfacing a part of Trail Ridge Road), feeling heartbroken over the changes happening to the park we decided to take on a different route and see more foliage...hopefully, fingers crossed!

Jerry started playing with the GPS and our route developed.  Instead of the 175 up and back planned trip, how about 242 miles round trip and a good 9 hours to complete the journey.

We were only going from point #1 to #2 and back...REALLY!
It was a beautiful trip on the west side up to Wheat Ridge, however we had already seen the east side several times heading to Denver.  Not much foliage to be seen on the east side, but has a really cool  "farm" market in Brighton (straight off the vine - you pick or just purchase). ;)

We enjoyed more foliage, lakes, mountains, cliffs, rivers, tunnels and bridges....glad we decided to see a different route.  Part of it we had seen while heading up to The Rockies in 2002, but who can ever get tried of a stunning mountain drive.  NOT ME!

Ready to Sail...Grand Lake, Colorado

Ski Runs @ Winter Park

More Twisty and Turns

Believe to be Mt. Evans

Well this is not what we want...I-70 traffic jam.  There has to be another route off the highway... and yep the gps agreed but not until we got down the highway a few miles - thank goodness.


 Yep our kind of road again... 

One of five tunnels

Clear Creek

Completely was caught off guard with this bridge

Bridge over Golden, CO

The scenery ended, but remember that farm on the west side.... Jerry enjoyed buying, but I much more enjoyed the pets. This will end our very long day....until next ~D
Berry Patch Farm

Some interesting chickens, its as they have socks on

Pop belly pig posing for his picture

some sort of berry bush

Rolls and rolls of fresh produce...we wanted to stop and pick a few

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  1. Beautiful pictures, glad you are enjoying your travels