Saturday, October 18, 2014

Natural Bridges National Monument

Before heading to see the natural bridges, we decided to explore the surrounding area for other camping options and Indian ruins – House on Fire in particular.  We were staying in Combs Wash BLM area, however was told further up the road where other nice areas – perhaps even have internet or phone service.  Unfortunately we found either, but we did enjoy driving some of the back country.  This was a new experience for Jerry’s oldest brother & sister-in-law; while those two where uncertain of the capability of our jeep, Jerry & I enjoying showing them our thrill of challenging road conditions.   

Perspective view from inside jeep

Few rocks
Road was washed out; no getting over that!

We never like to go back the same as we came, so we found an alternative way out.  Shhh...don't tell anyone - LOL

So now that everyone survived this adventure, we decided we would take on a little easier one and head to see the bridges.  Natural Bridges sits high on Cedar Mesa, some 6,500 feet above sea level.  Intermittent streams have cut two deep canyons and three massive bridges in sandstone formed from what was once the shore of an ancient sea.  At each of the bridges, trails descend into the canyons from the loop paved road.  A longer hiking trail meanders along the canyon bottoms through oak and cottonwood groves, connecting the three bridges – about an 8.5 mile loop.  If time permitted and are healthy the hike would be the best way to capture the sites. 

Sipapu Bridge

Kachina Bridge

Owachomo Bridge

Our day did not end without enjoying and learning about Horsecollar Ruin; located within the park on the edge of White Canyon.  It received its name by the uniquely shaped doors on the two granaries.

Horsecollar: Two circles on right

By the end of the scenic paved nine mile loop; we had had enough and was running on fumes.  We didn’t expect to be gone all day, so neither of us ladies packed snacks and was striving.  With that said; the closes place to grab food or even snack is 35 miles in Blanding, UT…thank goodness we didn’t have to drive that far.

Few other views we enjoyed through-out the day...
Weathered tree

Bright flowers

Combs Wash Canyon
Campfire w/ Buck & Nell

10/14/14 ~D

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  1. Enjoyed these pictures as well, glad you had fun showing them around