Thursday, October 2, 2014

2014 Motorcycle Cannonball Endurance Run

We are no expert about this motorcycle run, nor have we participating in any of the past three runs (2010-2012-2014), however it was been an experience to learn a bit about it all.

Only team that has ridden the same machine (1915 Indian Twin) in ALL 3 Cannonball Runs. 

It will be a difficult ride, as these machines are old and most are very rare – only the best should be considered for the run.  All machines built before 1936 or earlier; powered by an original engine, as any reproduction chassis or parts should be as they were originally, however understand  modern  upgrades can be used for safety sake only – aka brake system or tires.  

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The coast-to-coast run left from Daytona Beach, FL to finish in Tacoma, WA ~ approximately 4000 miles in 17 short days.  Remember this is an endurance run; riders prep for all sort of climate changes as they are push daily to achieve the daily route, which is round 300 miles on these old iron machines.  Many maneuver these iron machines across the United States with limited sleep, as they spend evenings preparing their machine for the next day’s run.

We enjoyed greeting and meeting the crew in Golden, CO - half way point located @ point J

There is a daily grading system for each mile ridden minus any breakdowns. Riders are required to be self-proficient with their machine; requiring parts or tools to be carried in such cases were something should go wrong.   Should the rider not be able to get their machine back on the road within an allotted amount of time, the rider and their machine will be picked up by the “bus of shame” and out of the run the remainder of the day.

Rider & Their Machines; Bonneville Salt Falts, Utah  by Michael Lichter

For this 2014 Cannonball Run; 115 riders registered to compete at a whopping $2500 entry fee, 101 were at the starting line, and 96 rode or pushed their iron machine across the finish line in Tacoma, WA.   After great accomplishment and fond memories 3 Texas riders and 1 Mississippi rider got a shock of their life when their truck and trailer with 4 vintage motorcycles were stolen from the hotel parking lot.  Word went out on social media, area motorcycle shops, and local news – it spread like a wild-fire; within 24-hours the truck was found, but no trailer or bikes.  Couple days later: “Breaking News” post appeared on Facebook…Trailer and 4 vintage motorcycles found in a shipping parking lot by an employee who had seen the post on FB.  All great news; however there are still lots of pricy missing items, so please keep your eye and ears open.

Created an Old Nevada Scenery  by Paul d'Orleans

There has not been any official word on the 2016 Motorcycle Cannonball Run yet, but rumor has it the machine will need to be at least 100 year old – 1916 and earlier.  For more history and details stay tune here.

Jerry got bitten by the bug in Golden, CO, however you will not see him in the line-up for the 2016 run, as it is way out of our retirement budget!  :)    Just maybe our routes will line-up, so we can admire the riders and machines again.  

I would love to provide so many more photos, however I also want to have internet for the rest of the month too. :)  Want to enjoy more photos of these old iron machines, riders, and some of the fun and hardships check out Motorcycle Cannonball on Facebook or go  here (also a FB page) or here.

Will we be seeing you on the next run in 2016?  ~D


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