Monday, October 20, 2014

House on Fire

I had heard and read several blog posts about this ruin called “House on Fire” for several years, however we never had gotten into the Cedar Mesa area.  While visiting the South Eastern part of Utah, it was high on my list of attractions this time.  If you happen to be in the Cedar Mesa area, Mule Canyon to be exact then you will not want to miss this ruin. 
Mule Canyon dwellings were built and occupied by the Anasazi Indians and had outstanding scenery around them.  You have already seen some of the surrounding scenery here and here, but this was our first ruin to visit.  The understanding is these ruins are over eight hundred years old; have never been excavated or restored in any fashion.  What a precious treasure to get to visit these ruins in their nature environment without supervision, so please cherish them with care while viewing them. They are sacred sites and it is a privilege and honor for us to get to enjoy them – please show respect!  Take photos and leave no trace…only footprints in the dirt.

House on Fire - actual photo, not enhanced

Petroglyph: not sure of their authenticity

The hike to House on Fire is about 1.5 miles (one way) with a few dips to cross the wash and back up the other side, however it’s a pretty easy trail.  If you would like to continue down the trail approximately another 2.5 miles (one way) there are seven other ruins. 

Blooms along the trail

Photo Op…We saw no glorious illusion during our time there (arrived around 9:30 and left around 11:30 a.m.), however after viewing the shoots on the computer the camera caught more dramatic affects then we saw visually.  Maybe in the spring or summer time you might see the more dramatic affects visually, but not in the fall when we visited.

Directions:  The trailhead for House on Fire is located on Co. Rd 263 which is about halfway between Blanding, UT and Natural Bridges N. M. near mile marker 102 on the north side of the highway.  If you’re coming from the west it’s very easy to find- you will see a sign for ‘Mule Canyon Ruins‘- this is NOT where House on Fire is located, this is a developed site with a kiva with interpretive signing, paved parking lot, and a pit toilet.  As soon as you pass this, the turn for House on Fire will be your next left.  If you’re coming from the east, it’s the next right after mile marker 102.

Turn north onto 263 continue down the road approximately .2 miles and you will see a small turnout for parking on the right-hand side and the trailhead marker on the left.  At the trailhead and you will see a kiosk- this is where you can pay for your backcountry permit to hike to House on Fire.  Backcountry permit fees (as of 4/2012) are $2/person, or if you will be spending some time hiking in the area, you can also purchase a week permit for $5/person. (Please visit the Monticello BLM Cedar Mesa Backcountry Permits page for updated information)

10/16/14 ~D

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  1. like The house on fire, would like to see that myself, breath taking, thanks for the pictures