Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Brewery, Historic Downtown & Vintage Motorcycles

September 14, 2014

Adolph Coors established the Coors brewery in Golden in 1873 on the banks of Clear Creek. Today, MillerCoors is the second largest beer company in America, capturing nearly 30 percent of US beer sales and the Coors brewery tour attracts 300,000 visitors to Golden each year. 

Coors Brewery Plant
Back into my childhood days, my dad enjoying a cold "Colorado Kool-aid" after a long hot day of work, which of course us kids wanted some!  After all kool-aid is for kids, right?  It was years before we got that taste...YUCK....believe were my exact words - LOL.  Still to this day I'm no beer drinker.  Actually not much of a drinker at all, so why go to a brewery?  Simple...just for the experience after all we where already going to Golden, CO.  NOTE: if you rely on your GPS to get you there and need a physical address, you just might be out of luck, well unless you read lots of reviews.  This address will get you straight to the tour parking lot - 1401 East Street.
The above photo was the best part of the tour.  Arrived to the parking lot around 1:30 p.m., greeted with a super nice security guard to find out the tour was being EVACUATED!  We gave our best wishes and took a different tour...just happen to be across the street.

Golden's Historic Downtown is pedestrian/bicycle friendly with free parking.  It's a perfect get-away spot; two first class hotels, several bed and breakfasts, an RV park, several museums, more than two dozen restaurants, and plenty of  shops...all within easy walking distance.

Picturesque Clear Creek runs through Downtown;  take a scroll or bicycle along the paved trail,  benches provided to relax and take in the scenery,  or view the sculptures along the creek and downtown.  Some even take advantage of the fishing, kayaking, and tubing also available within walking distance!

As mentioned already the Coors brewery is located two blocks east, however two blocks west explore the Colorado School of Mines.  Guess we have plenty of things to come back to explore, but for now Uhl Studios was our main focus.

The 2014 Cannonball Run was rollin' into Uhl Studios around 4 o'clock; after weeks of waiting we headed over to cheer on the riders as they rolled into the check point for the evening.  It was as if they were rock stars; the street was lined with people cheering, clapping, and snapping photos!  So what's the BIG DEAL?!?  Image yourself on one of these beauty's ....

#57 - Gary & Linda; only side car in the run. 

The second bike with two riders

Nice Henderson

Loving the patina to this bike...see the oil can by the front wheel

250cc w/2 stroke engine...goes a whooping 35 mph... on a good day

Oh did I mention they have just completed 1825 miles on a pre-1936 vintage motorcycles in 11
days!!!  And it doesn't come without anguish for the ride and their support team, most days there are mechanical issues to address before the start of the next day - many go without sleep.  There's still 1353 mileage to go before they complete their coast-to-coast adventure, which a full post will come at that point.  I ask that you please keep each of the riders in your thoughts for safe travels - thank you! ~D

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