Saturday, September 6, 2014

Garden of the Gods

August 14, 2014

Garden of the Gods is an amazing place where the scenery is astounding!  A must see. The beautiful red sandstone rocks and formations reach up to the sky... and the colors they display are spectacular.  Enhance your photography's by visiting during morning sunrise or evening sunsets... you might even get lucky and see wildlife (deer, mountain sheep, rabbits, birds, etc).  Parking is limited; early morning or later evenings will probably be you best choice.

You can drive through and see the wondrous sites and enjoy the drive. But my personal recommendation: Get Out of Your Car and Walk Around!  If you get a chance to watch someone climb the face of one of the spires, you will understand just how tall they really are! Photo opps are plentiful. The trails are endless: paved walking trails (wheelchair accessible), gravel hiking trails and bike trails.

Across the street from gardens is the visitors center.  I would recommend watching their film about how the Garden of the Gods were formed. Visitor center staff were very friendly and informative.  Also guided tours are also offered, however save your money and enjoy on your own clock.

You get close by Colorado Springs...make it was must stop!  I can't wait to go back.  ~D

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