Sunday, September 7, 2014

Best Model Train Museum

September 5, 2014

Calling all model train railroaders, train enthusiasts of all ages, or even the average joe to make a stop at the Greeley Freight Station Museum (HO scale).  

First of all, we are NOT a model railroader. However we both have a little railroader in our blood; Jerry’s dad worked on the Rock Island RR for 30 years (and even went on the train with his dad) and my great-grandfather had his own model train setup in the homestead.

This 5500 sq. ft. outstanding layout details the fall of 1975 Oregon, California & Eastern Railway with outstanding mountainous scenery, 15 bridges, 11 tunnels and several speculate wooden trestles and more than 20 scale miles of mainline track, hundreds of buildings and thousands of hand-made trees and scenery. There are about 175 locomotives on the layout which are all powered and over 2,000 cars such as box cars, gondolas, tanks, flats, passenger cars, and more! The amount of work and talent put into the variety and detail of the layout is mind boggling.  Staff member commented that it took about 4 1/2 years to put together and over 100,000 volunteer hours.

It only takes about 45 minutes to an hour to see it all but we found ourselves spending more time just looking at all the intricate details of the landscaping and then wanting to catch every single train going by!  Make sure to check out the main command post up front and really look at all the tiny landscaping. You'll see a mama bear and her cubs, passengers inside the passenger trains, folks fly fishing, a forest fire, little girl playing with skunks, the bear in the boat and the two guys pushing a car off a cliff, etc.....  Hmmm...That looks a lot like a triceratops back there in the valley (I found 4 of 5)! Great way to engaging the kids (and adults); ask for the treasure hunt list, can search for the multiple dinosaurs and other things "hidden" in the layout. The more you looked the more you saw.  We went all the way around the layout twice and kept finding different details and interesting scenes.  


It is fun to explore the inside of a real caboose; see the bunks, wood stove, RR lights, and climb into the look-out cabin area.  

The museum also features more than 1,100 railroad artifacts from across the United States.

Admission is very reasonable: Adults $8.00/ Children $4.00/ Seniors $6.00. Call for hours of operation since they have summer and winter schedules. On Fridays and Saturdays the museum runs member trains with digital command control. Staff is friendly knowledgeable and eager to share information.  For hours of operation and more general information, please check out the museum's website at:


           On our list to go back for sure!

Sure miss the days waving at the caboose, which they would bring them back.  What's your thoughts...did you ever wave to them?     ~D

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  1. very interesting, would pay the 8.00 dollars to go see it.. wish they would bring the caboose back, like to wave at the guy on the back.