Friday, August 29, 2014

Remarkable Waterfalls with Easy Access

July 29, 2014

From Hwy 160

Treasure Falls is a must-stop attraction on the western slope of Wolf Creek Pass on Hwy 160. Easy to spot as there are always cars parked in the large parking lot and on a nice day you could suspect it would be full.

We had passed by the falls many times, but never took the time to stop and hike the trail – as you can see it from the highway. Since we had family with us, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity for all to see it up close and personal. And it sure didn’t let us down!  Would say the hike is moderate; incline switchbacks, but only about a ¼ mile.  There are plenty of benches along the trail, so if you just take your time most can handle the hike. 

There are two viewing locations - one at the very base of the overall falls on a bridge, the other right in the heart of the mist from the primary waterfall. Definitely do both of them, just a few minutes apart.

There are plenty of friendly little creatures waiting for handouts, so if you want a show bring sunflower seeds or nuts for the chipmunks/squirrels. For the explorer, there is an overview trail to the top (heard it has great views) just a mile or so further up the road. We didn’t get to this trail as it had started raining, so just gives us something to done next trip to Pagosa Springs. ~D

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