Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Word Verification @%&#$

Do you ever go to leave a comment on someone’s site to find out you have to decipher those darn jumble security words before your comment will post?

For many; it will be the deciding point on rather or not to say – JUST FOR GET IT… 

We enjoy hearing from our reader’s, so we have removed that security word verification mess off our site.  If you happen to be one of the ones that said - JUST FORGET IT – we hope you will enjoy commenting away now!!  After all we like to hear all opinions on our stories whether  it’s – the good, bad, or ugly…LOL  :o)

If you happen to have a “blogspot” site that still has the security word verification on, you too might not be receiving all the comments you could be.  Instead of us reinventing the wheel to show you how to change your settings, I recommend you visit Rick and Paulette post by going here.

Happy Reading – we have new things in the works, so keep checking back.


  1. Thanks for helping me get the word verification problems solved. Good job Deb! Keep em comin.

  2. You're welcome anytime! Being a blogger, I feel it is best to share tips to help make everyone's life easier.

    Be glad your not in Q today, winds are VERY HIGH - up to 45 mph.

    Happy Blogging :o)

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