Monday, February 20, 2012

Who would have thought…?

Who would have thought we would drive 40+ miles to a BAR!  That’s a long way when you are not drinkers, wouldn’t you say?  Even if we were, we wouldn’t drink and drive...
Well are you curious yet?

You see we heard about this bar in the middle of NOWHERE, so us being us we had to check it out.  Well, along with a few other friends ;)  There are no signs off Hwy 95 that tells you were to turn, nor have we even seen any advertisement about this place, but it is WELL HEARD OF.  Oh wait; there is a sign about half a mile down the dirt road!  LOL, like that is going to help you out much!!  Actually, I guess it does…. At least you know you are on the right dirt road and let you know whether or not to travel the 5 miles down the dirt road. Nellie E Saloon aka “DESERT BAR” is nestled back into the Buckskin Mountains and only opens on Saturday & Sunday (high noon to dust) from October - March. 

We and another couple, Mark & Christine, rode our motorcycles – save on gas and change up the ride a little bit. Which for us; it was a bit of a different ride, since we not accustomed to bumpy dirt roads on the bike (yet) – land cruiser aka “toy”, sure deal!!   Actually it was nice to be on the bike, however Deb was a bit sadden once we started seeing ALL the off-road trails we could have explored – oh well, we will save that for another day!!

Desert Bar

Outdoor bar & grill

Horseshoe cactus - How many horses do you think it took?

Pray or Get Married in this unique church

Andy & Renee with Hard Rain Band

Okay band followers, “Andy & Renee” are one of those bands.  I could have listened to them all day long, as they played a variety of rock. Actually Renee was in the Philippines, so Patty filled in perfectly. Go HERE for more information.
They even have helicopter rides from the bar - what a view it must be!

Want additional information on the "Desert Bar", we've done the research for you. Click "Desert Bar".

After the bar; who would have thought we would end up in Lake Havasu City, AZ - another 40+ miles north. 
We have already been there a couple of times with different people, but remember the other couple that rode their bike to the bar, well they had not.  The road up to LHC is spectacular as it curves thru all the mountain ranges and can view various water spots along the way, so we are always willing to go again.

Of course “The London Bridge” is the main attraction, plus they wanted to take the boat over to the casino to check out the lake.  None of us are much on giving our money to the casinos, so we grabbed something to drink (non-alcohol) and watched the ducks while waiting for the next boat. We had not taken the boat before; as each time we went to LHC it was during the week and basically had the place to ourselves, never saw the boat running.  Apparently that is not true for the weekend, as there were plenty of people buzzing around; not only on land but by water too.  While enjoying our boat ride, we even got to see some of the miniature replica lighthouses that are scattered around the lake.

After a quick bite to eat; it was time to hit the road again, as we had a bit of a ride ahead of us (back to Quartzsite: 80+/- miles) and the sun was disappearing quickly.  This means; get ready for a cold ride – just think 60 degrees with about 80-90 miles an hour of wind hitting you!!!  THAT’S PRETTY DARN NIPPY!!!!!  

All back – safe and sound, maybe next time you can come along for the ride!!  

Collage of our trip.  This blue heeler is not our Max, but couldn't pass up taking his picture with is life jacket :))

“On the road again, I just can’t wait to get on the road again” – well rumor has it; our next trip might be finding a fossil bed?  

Stay tune; but for now 10-4 good buddy! =)

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  1. I was wondering if you guys still had your bike. I love going to these off the wall places, or in your case, off the beaten trail. You always bring back a good story and a few laughs with these types of places.