Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring is in the air….

Spring is in the air here in the Arizona desert; plants are blooming, citrus trees are producing their fruits – grapefruit and lemons, and people are starting to head out to their next destination.  
As we try to nail down our next destination; we are staying quite busy trying to make sure the rig is all set to roll when the time comes – probably at the end of March.  

~Jerry has finished up our solar project (if there is such a thing); as you may recall we started that process back on our Living off the grid blog.   We had a Samlex 2000 watt inverter installed, so we can just plug and use our 110v appliance…. SWEET – no more having to run the generator, plus we got a nice night light out of the deal ~ LOL =).  

~He also got the pleasure to put in a new radiator in the “toy” aka Toyota Land Cruiser, however we can’t complain- after all it did have its 38 year old original radiator in it.
The old one...
 ~Plus we did a little remodel project to our rig.  Before leaving Texas, we decided to take out the dinette in order to put a chair in for Deb.  So we decided to add some cabinets in order to gain some storage that we had lost.

Deb has been having fun learning how to make some new recipes like the perfect lemonade, fresh yogurt, jam and a new version for potato salad.  She just hopes there is time to try her luck at fresh bread and cinnamon rolls.    

 Just image how wonderful the rig would smell!!!!   

 Deb’s sure is; as cinnamon rolls are just one of her weakness – ice cream being the biggest!!  :D   Must give a HUGE shout-out to Jan for all her time and great recipes!!! Thank you.

                            Where is all the time going?

Oh, we hope we haven’t miss lead you ~ as it has been far from All Work and No PLAY… it’s actually been right the opposite!  That’s why we chose to live this lifestyle after all!!! ;o)   Recently we have got to enjoy looking for fossils in the rocks,  had several camp fires and eating with great friends.

We would like to send a BIG congratulations to Deb's nephew on his first child.   Braden, welcome to our family!!  

Sunset during a sand storm

What do you enjoy most about the "Spring Time"?   


  1. I just learned that fox kittens are born in March. I want to see tortoises before we leave the desert.

    I can't remember what season I'm in anymore. People are packing up and leaving, and that makes me think that winter must be coming on. I'm still on NY State time, but people there know it's Spring.

    The Good Luck Duck

    1. WOW, fox kittens - where? Of course I had to check out the post - still LMAO!! =) I have yet to see any tortoises, so if you find them please let where, would love to see some myself.

      I tell you being in the desert, can sure make you question a lot of things... what day is it? time? season? JUST LOVE IT! Sure NY State, sure looks forward to any season but winter - LOL.

      Keep Quackin'

  2. Hmmm, cinnamon rolls! Deb, you and I share the same weakness. I love cinnamon. Good luck in the kitchen. Congrats to your nephew, Braden seems perfect. What do I enjoy about spring?.....Flowers in bloom and the smell of fresh cut grass are the 2 thoughts coming to my mind.

    1. Man, we are so much a lot in so many ways. I wish I had a nice warm cinnamon roll NOW!!! =) I love anything that has cinnamon in it - after all they say cinnamon is good for you. But, sure they didn't mean it with all the sugar ~ LOL

      We have been in the desert so long that grass has slipped my mind, after all I haven't seen it in so long! I too love the smell of fresh cut grass and love all the color from the flowers.

      Miss ya, my friend

  3. Welcome Braden! I love the vibrant, energetic colors of Spring and seeing the butterflies fluttering about. I also love that it signals the end of football season for another year...wink

    1. Awe butterflies, just started seeing some in Q, now I will think of you each time I see one. You want football to end and I'm ready for it to start ;) Keep on trekin!!