Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Heart Day

"Love" is in the air, after all it is Valentine's Day 2012.

For us lovebirds; Valentine's Day is very special. Fifteen years ago two hearts made an instant connection, and the rest is history. It is nice to receive flowers, candy, be taken to dinners, go on trips, etc., however this year has been the best!! We got to enjoy a day in the back country doing what we like best ~ off-road/trail riding and hiking, but you will have to come back to see that post.

"True love stories never have endings" ~ Richard Bach


  1. Looks like you kids are having a wonderful time. Love reading about your travels.

  2. What a special day for you two! Congrats!

  3. Thanks Diana. We really enjoy your blog, as your photos are just amazing. That will be my next challenge, as I have always left that to Jerry, but it's time for me to more involved. Save travels ~ Deb