Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sneak Peek Into Our World…..Part I - Gibraltar Mtn Wilderness

As mentioned in our “Happy Heart Day” post, we enjoyed our day in the back country, actually in the Gibraltar Mtn. Wilderness. An 18,790 acre playground for us, which is located about 10 miles northeast of Parker, Arizona in La Paz County.  More information and to get directions click here.

The wilderness consists of rugged volcanic rock dissected by deep, sandy washes and rocky canyons. The eroded volcanic tuff beds contain many alcoves and caves.

The area presents an interesting challenge for hiking and horseback riding. Varied topography, steep canyon walls, and colorful strata make the area attractive for rock climbing, day hiking, sightseeing, photography, and off-road adventures.

Jerry doing a little metal detecting, wishing for GOLD ;)

Max on the hunt - what's in that hole?

Small barrel cacti

Ripple Mountain

These are just a few pictures we wanted to share, however we have much more to share.  Be sure to check out Part II, III, and IV to see how we spent our Valentine's Day.


  1. We're outside Q, and I've been eyeing the wilderness areas, but we're not off-roaders. Are you boondocking there?

    The Good Luck Duck

    P.S. Ironically, I just found you at Rick and Paulette's discussion of these $#^%ing word verifications! You got 'em! I'm not judgin', just mentionin'.

  2. Roxanne, your post finally showed up on our blog (saw it original from e-mail) in order for me to respond, however I responded on your site Abject misery. And here's a flower. Happy Trails ~ Deb =)