Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sneak Peek Into Our World….. Part II- Wheelin'

We are asked all the time about our hobby – “wheelin” or better known as off-road (4 wheeling = ATVs).   For some people; they think it’s anything off the blacktop or a bumpy dirt road, however for us it’s – “where’s the road”?    So what group do you fit into?

The following videos are in real time taking off our iPhone, so please excuse the annoying parts, as there are no pros here. Max will start whining every time something gets close to “his” truck, and voice very loudly (bark, bark) as they get too close.  If you listen closely, you will even hear they got TOOOO CLOSE (as we cringe)!!!

We’ll give you a sneak peek into our hobby. 

We had 3 videos, however we could only post 2 due to the size of them. First video is heading up the mountain and the second one took us to a turn around spot, as the third one was the decent down the mountain.  Personally, we are a bit upset it was too big, as it has some stunning views.  Oh well, now we know! =)

Stay tune more is coming....

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