Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sneak Peek Into Our World….. Part IV - Mines & River

Time to wrap-up our day in the back country, glad you stopped by!

Mining Caves; let’s go check it out!  The sign said; “enter at your own risk”, so we had no choice, but to go…Right?  After all we do like to push the boundaries!!!

Hoping Max doesn't fall into the mine

Then on to see where the road dead ends…     Who would have ever guessed – Bill William River National Wildlife Refuge?  Yes, a river out in the middle of a desert, and it had water!!!

A wetland oasis, protecting almost all that is left of the original cottonwood and willow forests that once lined the lower Colorado River.  To get more information about Bill William River NWR click here.

This area of the river was about 40 miles downstream from the main NWR, but it was good enough for Max.

Awe, I'm in heaven!

This is so FUN, here I go again

Palm trees, who would have thought?

Mountains, Trees, Sun = awesome day

Well, this ended our day in the back country, as we had about a 40 miles trek to get back to camp.  Hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into our world!

Max had enough fun for one day... guess the swimming made him tired

Until next time, Peace. =))

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