Monday, April 2, 2012

Departure delay; Let's talk food

Happy Monday!!   

Well, we had planned to departure the desert today – looking forward to city life and water to wash off the dirt.  However Mother Nature had another plan for us.  The strong winds here in Quartzsite, AZ have kept us grounded for a couple more days.   Oh well, just gives us a few more days with our friends!! =))

While we wait; let’s talk food.   Some say “Pay Now or Pay Later”  

This philosophy has its challenges – cost and time being the biggest for most.  Not to mention all the confusion of which to purchase: organic or regular.  Then the struggle of how should it be cooked in order to get the nutrition and health benefits.   We are still trying to source it all out ourselves, and as well as find fresh farmer’s markets while traveling.  Help has arrived - there's an app for that at the bottom of our blog now.  Go ahead and check it out!

The experts say: if you eat your “green, red, yellow, orange and purple” foods; it could save on doctor visits and medications, gain great energy, as well as control blood and weight.  Easier said than done – is that what your think?!? 

     After all; don't you like “bright bold colors”, so why not enjoy them in your food. 

Yes, it can be pricy to eat your vegetables and fruit, well that is if you don’t grow them yourself, but the benefits makes it worth it all.

Time; well it actually takes less time to prepare a healthy meal than it does going to a restaurant or through a drive-thru.  Although, we still enjoy (well at least Deb does) having someone else cook and clean the kitchen from time to time.  However, spring and summer is just around the corner, so why not enjoy fresh salad with vinaigrette or EVVO/grape seed dressing topped with maybe some fruit, chicken or fish. You can bet we will be, so we can drop those extra winter pounds…LOL

As we find great tasting, and easy recipes, we plan on sharing them with you.  Here is a real simple one, and cheap one...


3 Pints                                          6 Pints
3/4 c.  Powder Milk                     1  1/3 c.  Powder Milk
4 c.  Milk                                        7 c.  Milk

1)       Mix together and cook until 190 – 200 degrees – stirring continually. Tip: the auto stirrer will be your best friend.

2)       Then let cool mixture to 110 degrees.

3)       Scoop 2-3 big spoons full of mixture with 2 big heaping tablespoons of your starter yogurt** (Greek works good) into a bowl.  Mix until smooth (add a little milk if need to make smooth) and add back to mixture.  Mix well. 

4)      Pour mixture into pint jars and screw the lids on jars. 

5)      Put jars into a 100 degree oven for 5 hours. NOTE: RV ovens; lit pilot and set jars around the pilot light, not directly on top of the pilot light area.  Another option if you do not have an oven; place jars into a cooler with a heating pad on high for 5 hours.

6)     Remove from oven and let cool before refrigerating jars.  Can sit the jars in a sink with cool water to reduce the cooling time.

Side Notes:  I usually drizzle honey over the top of my yogurt before serving with fruit.  **You can use the fresh yogurt three times as your starter, then you will need to use a new starter.

By all means; please join in and share some of your favorite recipes, we would love to try them.  

Question for you: What's your “food” frustrations? 

 Stay tune and happy eating!


  1. Food frustration #1: A Carl's Jr. meal isn't vegan.

    We went vegan again a few weeks ago, and we feel perkier, for sure. I blame "Forks Over Knives" and "The China Study." We share the sentiment that we'd rather pay now.

    Where (generally) are you guys staying in Q? We left a sweet spot on Plomosa about two weeks ago - did you take it? :D

    1. It just makes more since to "pay now" because "pay later" come with a lot more issues. However, I'm sure you are limited to eating out on your vegan lifestyle. I don't eat much meat, if I can only get rid of the sweeties.

      We are down in the long-term visitor area in "South" with the water and dump. We did the whole season thing for $180,our season has been Nov-tomorrow. We are heading to Lake Tahoe for a summer camp host adventure, so I'm sure I will have lots to share. Hope you stay tune! Where is your summer going to be spent?

  2. like the blog love the picture of max love you mom

    1. Thanks mom! Max is such a ham, as he will just pose for the camera.