Thursday, April 12, 2012

We found WATER….

We finally made it to Boulder City Beach at Lake Mead Recreation Area on Thursday, April 5th but sadly we couldn’t get our train into any of the spots.  So now what to do?  We jumped onto website to see if there was any other campsites close by – woolaa there was – Boxcar Cove.  There were no directions only GPS ordinance along with a brief description of the road condition.  NO luck again… 

Guess we will travel along the scenic lake view drive and try out the other two RV parks… just maybe Jerry and Max can still get a dip in Lake Mead.

 Aren’t the views stunning?!?

As we are enjoying the stunning views, all of a sudden Jerry said: “Boxcar Cove; isn’t that what we were looking for” as we pass it….   Luck was on our side; we shortly found a pull off wide enough we could turn our train around!   Awesome; now we have the best of both – FREE camping and a swimming hole!!

Yes, we actually took our "Train" down this rough dirt road
Our spot on Lake Mead

Nothing like going from a community to the middle of nowhere – this place was a bit too desolate for us, however we can make do at least for the day/night, couldn't we?

After all this; Jerry decides it’s just a bit too cold to swim. REALLY!!!  Guess all this was for Max – LOL   He did enjoy it fully too.

As Jerry & Max had their naps, Deb was watching a couple of young people (it appeared) set up camp cross the bay from us – then more came – by this time there must have been 6-8 vehicles.  Although we were a bit away Deb got uneasy and didn’t want to stay.  NOW WHAT??  Guess we could go back  to the visit center to get suggestion for camping. We made it - 12 minutes before closing – close call.  Well, it didn’t help much, except we found out where a Wal-Mart was… from Boulder City to Las Vegas about 60 miles. If you haven’t already guessed it – we love free camping spots – Wal-Mart being the most used.  

By Friday, April 6th this was our view out our front door… Death Valley, CA.

Soon, we found out we had excellent cellular service with AT&T, however no internet via our Verizon MiFi. Then it dawned to us, we haven’t finished our taxes!!   OMG…of all times without internet!!!  What now, the closes town was 100 miles round trip.  We took a walk over to the visitor center, shortly we had all good news – we could purchase internet services!  Now, get our taxes done and hopeful update the blog – well almost – time ran out before getting the last two pictures load )= … SORRY, you had to wait so long. =(


  1. WELL!glad you made it ok ya,ll must really like the deasert and mountains i would prefer some trees and shade myself your dog looks like he is enjoying it

    1. Well suppose your right; mountains have always been a great escape for us. Each have their own ambiance rather they are in a desert or in the forest. Now that spring is arriving, our travels will be taking on more of the forest side. Max is a great travel companion as he loves to explore, swim, and travel as much - if not more - then us. Thanks for stopping by - we enjoy communicating with our readers.