Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tonopah, NV: Tires & Something White

As we mentioned in our Death Valley post, we had to go to Tonopah, NV to a tire dealer.  

We made it with only a slight issue… =(

Yep, just our luck!  It seems when it rains it pours ---- literally!!   

Usually Deb has everything covered, but since she had to drive the “toy” Jerry and Max was on their own.

Turns out Max weren’t so good of a co-pilot ~ LOL   We travel with two 2.5 gallon water containers, so when we find good water we keep them full.   Well, this time was no different; except we didn’t secure them… they got left on top of our side cabinets.   Yep, you might have guessed ~ one fell and busted! 

OH JOY… 2.5 gallons of water all over the floor!   Thank Goodness for the ShamWOW we just purchased, they did come in handy.  Now Deb knows why she makes a good co-pilot ~ she’s good at keeping everything running smooth while traveling down the road.  

Sorry we didn’t even think of pictures, but I’m sure you can just image it.

We finally got to Tonopah, found the tire dealership (Cal-Nevada Towing & Repair – Goodyear dealer) ~ YEA   (and they were open – double yea).  Shortly Jerry tells Deb; “looks like we are here for the night” (as we see snow flurries, luckily it didn’t last long), they only had three tires and we need all four tires – that’s the way it rolls with us in most cases.   The tire would be in around 1 p.m., this was still doable.

The tire man suggested a place to stay across the street behind the casino (maybe it’s free being a casino).  We were a bit surprised to find full hook-ups, so much for free.  Full hook-ups for $18.50 per night weren’t too shabby – after all it’s for just a night.  Grabbed us a bite to eat in the casino restaurant and called it a night. Lucky for us, neither are gamblers, so there were no temptations there. 

Seems we will be extending our stay another night, tire didn’t come in till around 3:30 p.m.  At this point we are just rolling with the flow, but ready to get on our way.

Gave us time to catch up on blogging, bills, news, and just rest up before hitting the road again.  It was pretty darn cold for us Texans (around freezing with 10-15 mph winds) to really want to get out and about.   

About 10:30 p.m. Max demanded to go outside before heading to bed --- Jerry opened the door and BAM… did he/we get a HUGE SHOCK!!!!  

Saturday morning

And just look at these pictures - think Max was having a blast in the snow

Guess we will be extending our stay again. 

We could have probably gotten out, as the road cleared, however we know we had some mountain passes to get over.  Think it would be better to hold up one more day.  By the afternoon we were able to go to the grocery store and get laundry done.

All in hopes of pulling out tomorrow with clear roads/ passes, and have safe travels ~~~ keep your fingers crossed!!

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