Thursday, April 5, 2012

277 miles to go 194… and we’re not there yet!?!

Departure time has arrived... winds stop and the temps started rising.  Rumor has it (weatherman) temps were quickly going rise to the mid 9o’s, so what better time to pack up and head out.

Jerry’s only requirement – find a swimming hole!  Think he had enough of all the desert dirt  :D

Okay, how about Lake Havasu?  Only 80 miles… short jaunt makes for an easy day.  Guess not; we drove right on thru it. Had business to do, but that didn’t work out.

We have always wanted to go back to Lake Mead (brief visit in 2000) – several told us about Boulder City Beach, so Deb got on her iPhone, went to Maps/GPS to check for directions and mileage.  Heck just another 114 miles… WHY NOT!! 

Us being the “freebirds” we are, we ended up making a couple of detours (second time was a success) to see burros.   Yes BURROS… they were roaming the streets of Oatman, AZ just waiting for someone to feed them.  However, Deb refrained from buying the carrots – that’s probably a first.

As we approach the town, we came upon a sign that said: No trucks over 40 feet (we are at 50’+/- ~~ RV+trailer).  Jerry’s reaction, “hmm, we’re not a truck” and kept driving.  Then the pucker factor set in – how are we going to get out of here – we had no idea what we just got ourselves into.  Quickly we saw tour bus parking here a -->    as we wipe the sweat from our foreheads!!

Fun Entertainer

Okay, burros ~check, we can now get back on track… well until Deb saw water on her map by Searchlight, NV.  Cottonwood Cove Rd would take us right into Lake Mead Nat’l Rec Area – only 14 miles

You see the pattern yet.... “JUST” or “ONLY” ends up costing us time and money ~ LOL   But, we wouldn’t have it any other way =)

Off we go down the “yellow brick road”… … … as we drive this beautiful scenic road, we start thinking “what happens if we get down there and can’t get turned around” – after all we just passed a parking lot were other rigs and truckers were parked.  “Maybe there’s no camping – only day use?” 

Soon, we saw signs for camping (GREAT)…. tents straight, trailers to the right.  ALL SET, right?!?   Let’s drive thru and find that pretty spot…   Man was the park stunning – trees, flowers in bloom, view of the lake and marina.   But quickly sad faces appeared… the spots were too small for our “train.”  If you have a smaller rig – maybe less than 36’, this would be a beautiful spot.   

Now we know why we saw the others rigs in the parking lot.  Us to0 now….     

Running a day late on the post, so maybe today we will make it to Boulder City Beach… wish us luck!!

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  1. it,s no fun if you dont make a few mistakes Love ya,ll mom