Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One Special Day….

What a special day it was for Deb.  After all, it was her birthday, so shouldn’t she be treated like a “Queen”!!

Deb likes the local pizza parlor – “Silly Al’s”, so why not have a pizza party for her.  After extending the invite to our desert friends, it developed into much more than either of us could have imaged.

Her morning started out on the right foot – you see she fully enjoys the simple things in life – so when the hummingbird arrived to feed off the ocotillo cactus she was delighted.  Plus she had a text message from her friend Holly from back home.

After our morning walk, she was taken out for breakfast.  A day off from the kitchen and Jerry didn’t make a mess in her kitchen either. =)

She received phone calls, text messages, and a lot of Facebook messages throughout the day.  That in its self-made her feel pretty darn special – she gives a BIG thank you to all the wonderful people!!

Once we got to the party; she was showered with hugs, birthday wishes, cards, presents, cake, and even the bill accounted for. WOW – it was as if the “Queen” had just rolled in town!!!!   Actually, it was a bit of overwhelming to her (actually both of us) as to how generous everyone was for the occasion.

Then the pizza started coming out, so it was time to get down to business – there was a lot of pizza to eat - after all Jerry ordered three of them.  Plus we still had the cake to eat.

Why use a plate - that's Deb's hand finishing up her piece.
What a delicious cake – it was like strawberry shortcake with butter cream icing.  Sorry, no picture of the inside, but it had a layer of fresh strawberry in the middle.

Deb had to show off her new things and give a special shout out ~~~ Patty crochets the hat, Jan made the bead bracelet, and Jerry found the pendent rock, which Patty made into a necklace for him.  Other special thank you goes out to the group for the cake, to Shelly for picking up the tap for the pizza, and Glen for one of his bon-fires.


 Oh did we mention – How wonderful our desert friends have been to us this winter?   Well – it’s worth mentioning it again – THEY ARE A WONDERFUL GROUP!!  Thank you for being a part of Deb’s birthday celebration!


  1. Looks like a great time - Happy Birthday!!!!

  2. looks like a great time happy birthday!!!

    1. Thanks mom! Wish you and dad were here with us - miss ya dearly!

  3. Wow, I'm honored to have my name mentioned in your post! Pizza, beer and cake, hmmm, great combo! Sounds like you had a really awesome day and wishing you plenty more birthdays to come!

    1. LOL - it was an aeesome birthday all the way around. What a honor it is on my side, thank my dear friend.