Thursday, June 28, 2012

Expedition or Luxury; traveling options?

When we set out on this wonderful journey of living life on the road, we had dreamed of going in style and comfort with a Diesel Pusher.  However, we also enjoy the freedom of going anywhere – after all we love the backcountry spots.

We decided to allow ourselves some extra time and depart in the motorhome we already owed – 29’ Class C Gulfstream Limited.  Plus, money in the bank is always a nice thing – don’t you agree!?!   

Awe, the backcountry it’s much more interesting then blacktop, but that’s just not possible in a Diesel Pusher. So which way do we go??? 


We ponder with the ideal of storing our belongings and get a wagon style land cruiser, set it up to go expedition style – it’s cheaper on fuel plus able to see something different every day.  Now, you are really talking close courts (and we thought 29’ was too small, ha ha) – you really must have a great relationship with your partner =)

example of our thoughts - picture from Profitt's website

So what to do…. Dilemma, Dilemma, Dilemma

Why couldn’t we have the best of both worlds?  Comfort and style plus enjoy our adventures side. 

As of June 20th; the decision was made and the results are….

2006 Newmar Kountry Star 39' diesel pusher with 3 slides, with outside tv plus a refrigertor/freezer. 

Didn't take long for the sign to go in the window.
TVs definitely need to be replaced.

Bed makes into a nice air bed
Recliner on the left.  We had the 3 drawers under stove removed and added an oven
King size bed - WOW that's a lot of room

Outside TV - ready for some football!

Outside refrigator or freezer
Slides are in and ready to roll down the road

After all we already have an off-road vehicle!  Now all we need to do is get a rack made for the top of the cruiser, head back to Oklahoma and gather our camping gear that was left behind and we are all set.  Decided it would be nice to have our comfort and then just take short expedition trips from base camp.

Life is great…  What more could we ask for!!!

Safe travels =))

Friday, June 1, 2012


Happy Memorial Day to all our soldiers and veterans that have served to protect us, so we can have our freedom!   


Memorial Day weekend is like open season for campers; the weather breaks, flowers start to bloom, and it’s time to hit the lakes or go for a hike.  

As we talked to family back home in Texas/Oklahoma, they are dealing with the heat already in the mid 90’s, while we were dealing with ---> 

By Friday evening, it was just cold and wet.  Saturday had off/on showers, Sunday partly sunny, with Monday being the best – full sun and high 60s.  However, the weather didn’t scare everyone - we had a total of 9 tents and 8 trailers in both campgrounds – 45 people total.

We have already had three different group of cyclist camp in our campgrounds this season, which we just imaged they were locals; however that has been far from the truth.  Only had the opportunity to speak with two of the three, which much to Deb’s amazement, they were not from the area. 

 One gentlemen traveling by himself; had ridden from Idaho (950 miles when he arrived) and heading to Reno, NV to visit a friend who will be taking him back to Idaho. 

 The next couple arrived Monday evening, which were from Sweden.  They were out for their “The Great Escape” which started in Austin, TX in March 2012 jumped on their bikes and by May 2012 they were camping in our campground.  They were great people to visit with as Deb got them registered for the evening.  We wished them well on their travels as their next destination was "The Crater” in Oregon.  If you would like to see their journal, please check out:

Question:  What did you do for your holiday weekend?

Okay, you are up to date now and I promise to keep you posted on a weekly basis now.  

Wild Plum

We were asked if you wanted to accept a 40 hours position being a host at Wild Plum campground, so we went to check it out.  It’s about 26 miles from our current place.

It was a beautiful park, with the Yuba River right next to the grounds.  Multiply hiking trails right off the park, gold panning for Jerry, and quaint little towns to visit.

However the host site was very depressing, as it was down in a hole with NO SUN (just no way we could handle that until September).  Plus it would have put us about 50 miles away from our friends – Tom and Tracy (the whole reason we are here). 

We love our current spot, plus Max gets to run freely when we have no campers, so all in all we feel we are in the right spot for us! =)    

PLUS we didn’t retire to work 40 works and not get to go explore!!!  What fun is that!!!!

Work Hard; Play Harder!

After a couple of weeks working, we decided to get out and take some pictures of the area.  With snow melting – about 2” a day - the rivers are roaring and the waterfalls are so beautiful.

Snow is a bit dirty, but still pretty to us.  And of course it is all gone now.



Snow, it must be play time!
This was a sno-park for snowmobiles, but Max thought it was all for him. =)

Once trout season opened the game begins – who could get into Jackson Meadows first.   Whose boat is in the water first?  Their challenge is “snow”; you see the road to get into Jackson Meadows is a Sno-Park for snowmobiles during the winter, so the road only gets plowed as the snow melts and then only to a certain point.  

Our curiosity couldn’t hold out any longer; off we go to check out the hype.  Plus Tom wanted to see if they could get into Pass Creek campground, which is where they will live for the summer.  The road is 17 miles to Jackson Meadows; there weren’t many problems – there were parts only one lane could be use, so seems like smooth sailing - well until you got to about 15 miles in. 

Dave (man walking in next picture, we so forgot to take pictures) was the first person we came upon, which he so happy when we asked if he needed a hand.  One truck turned around when he saw him stranded.  REALLY; how does one leave someone stranded in the wilderness alone?  He was so grateful that he gave Jerry $100 to tow him out.

Not one but two tows at once
Bubba (truck) and Wilson (van) showed up as we were pulling Dave out, however when Wilson tried to come thru in the van, he got struck.  Bubba tried to pull Wilson out and got struck, so Mr. Tow Man (Jerry) was there for the rescue.  

Needless to say Jerry enjoyed bragging rights for pulling everyone out (6 total) – and he was pretty proud of the performance the “toy” showed.   

 Breathtaking views after all that towing!

Have you ever been stranded; asked for help and been told – SORRY?   It happen to us before; we walked out for help- after 5 miles, we flagged down a truck for a ride to some friends (about another 2 miles) to be told – “you want me to turn around”, SORRY – it’s my anniversary – I got to get home ---REALLY!!!!  

Lake Tahoe is the main reason we wanted to take this position, which Deb has been begging to at least just take a quick trip around the lake.  Finally, we did with some great company – Tom and Tracy.

WOW - can only imagine waking up to this view everyday!!
We have all summer to share our journey as we get out and explore all the different areas, so stay tune.

Please come for a visit if you can, we would love to share out views with you!!