Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Word Verification @%&#$

Do you ever go to leave a comment on someone’s site to find out you have to decipher those darn jumble security words before your comment will post?

For many; it will be the deciding point on rather or not to say – JUST FOR GET IT… 

We enjoy hearing from our reader’s, so we have removed that security word verification mess off our site.  If you happen to be one of the ones that said - JUST FORGET IT – we hope you will enjoy commenting away now!!  After all we like to hear all opinions on our stories whether  it’s – the good, bad, or ugly…LOL  :o)

If you happen to have a “blogspot” site that still has the security word verification on, you too might not be receiving all the comments you could be.  Instead of us reinventing the wheel to show you how to change your settings, I recommend you visit Rick and Paulette post by going here.

Happy Reading – we have new things in the works, so keep checking back.

Monday, February 27, 2012

SLAB CITY, California: A Unique Experience, Lifestyle & Community

CURIOUS MINDS want to know… as human beings, we want to see what the buzz is all about; off we go to check out “SLAB CITY”!!  Some will let fear stop them, but we say embrace the opportunity with compassion.

"Drop that fear you have... Take a risk and reveal the opportunity that's waiting on the other side..."   *♥♥♥* ~Everything Inspiring
 “Slab City” or The Slabs” known as the last FREE place on earth!  HOW did the “slabs” get created?  Ironically it’s an old military base; the Camp Dunlap Marine Training Facility.  It was abandoned in 1946 and dismantled by 1961 leaving only the cement foundations ~ “the slabs”.   
The “city” is located in southeastern California; about 3 miles from Niland, CA on Beal Road.   HOWEVER this is not your normal city although it does have some of the same accommodations such as:  church, library, social clubs, entertainment and plenty of art displayed about the city. 

How about that...internet cafe!

The Range - Live bands on Saturday at dust


EVERYONE IS WELCOME to experience the unique lifestyle, as you will find all types of people.  No matter the circumstance that brought you to the slabs, please remember everyone deserves respect.  Keep an open mind, be alert of your surroundings and enjoy the attractions and embrace the experience.  

So WHO might be at The Slabs?  As one lady told us; “there’s all kinds, but this is one place where the misfits – fit.”

  • There are the snowbirds, mostly on a restricted income, looking for free to cheap places to spend the winters.  From big rigs to more colorful older trailers and usually stay in the lower flats. Most enjoy the comforts of home; flushing toilets, solar panels or generators to generate electricity, and all the other amenities of home.
  • Then you have your families or individuals who have hit hard times during the economic decline.  NEVER DREAMED they would end up in The Slabs, as they had good jobs!  NOW no place else to go until they can land employment again.  Many have their kids with them, which creates a whole different set of problems/issues with other kids at their school. We all know how kids can be cruel, so if you believe in prayer, keep them in mind.
  • Awe the artist ~ the ones that bring life into the space.  They are willing to share their many talents in all so many creative ways.  There are many spots around the place that showcase art, as well as music venues that host free entertainment. 
  • How about the locals that live there full-time in make shift tents / housing or old rigs with stuff all around the place. Not sure how anyone could stand the summer temps as they reach 120 degrees most summers.
  • And finally the homeless who just try to survive day to day.  

Just remember the community is both decommissioned and uncontrolled, and there is no charge for parking.

"So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable."  ~ Christopher Reeve

Salvation Mountain - Second Attempt

SALVATION MOUNTAIN is BIG and BOLD as you can spot the bright colors in the distant when entering The Slab. LOVE is everywhere with a strong message about GOD. 

In 1967 Leonard Knight got a powerful vision from God, which took over his life and traveled until he got to The Slabs in 1984.  Well soon he found out his vision to use a hot air balloon was not going to work to share the Sinner’s prayer. So he had planned to stay for “just one week” to build a “small monument” with a half of bag of cement.  One thing turned into another - weeks turned into months, and 25 years later he had created a rather BIG mountain with a message of LOVE being the core inspiration for anyone who wanted to visit.  As Mr. Knight often would stop working and visit with the people – never asking for any help or donations.

One of the tunneled life-size rooms

 LOVE and VISION = beautiful art

The monument keep growing - now stands over 50 feet tall and 150 feet wide, as there is a yellow brick road you can walk to the top for a great photo shot.   Then you can explore the bottom section to the side of the mountain that has tunneled life-size rooms, across the way are tunnels, branches, and a chapel.  Everywhere you look there are interesting visual details from the skeletons of the materials used, cravings, to large-bold paintings, and of course God’s word.  It is an amazing piece of art; and what joy he must have felt to be able to share his vision with others.  Not sure of Knight’s health, but he is no longer at The Slabs, a place he so loved.  To read the full story on Mr. Knight and the Salvation Mountain go HERE.

Hmmm...wonder how many have gone thru the gates?

A few more of Mr. Knight's creations to share the Love of God.
Just take a moment -  think of the time he put into his art.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Who would have thought…?

Who would have thought we would drive 40+ miles to a BAR!  That’s a long way when you are not drinkers, wouldn’t you say?  Even if we were, we wouldn’t drink and drive...
Well are you curious yet?

You see we heard about this bar in the middle of NOWHERE, so us being us we had to check it out.  Well, along with a few other friends ;)  There are no signs off Hwy 95 that tells you were to turn, nor have we even seen any advertisement about this place, but it is WELL HEARD OF.  Oh wait; there is a sign about half a mile down the dirt road!  LOL, like that is going to help you out much!!  Actually, I guess it does…. At least you know you are on the right dirt road and let you know whether or not to travel the 5 miles down the dirt road. Nellie E Saloon aka “DESERT BAR” is nestled back into the Buckskin Mountains and only opens on Saturday & Sunday (high noon to dust) from October - March. 

We and another couple, Mark & Christine, rode our motorcycles – save on gas and change up the ride a little bit. Which for us; it was a bit of a different ride, since we not accustomed to bumpy dirt roads on the bike (yet) – land cruiser aka “toy”, sure deal!!   Actually it was nice to be on the bike, however Deb was a bit sadden once we started seeing ALL the off-road trails we could have explored – oh well, we will save that for another day!!

Desert Bar

Outdoor bar & grill

Horseshoe cactus - How many horses do you think it took?

Pray or Get Married in this unique church

Andy & Renee with Hard Rain Band

Okay band followers, “Andy & Renee” are one of those bands.  I could have listened to them all day long, as they played a variety of rock. Actually Renee was in the Philippines, so Patty filled in perfectly. Go HERE for more information.
They even have helicopter rides from the bar - what a view it must be!

Want additional information on the "Desert Bar", we've done the research for you. Click "Desert Bar".

After the bar; who would have thought we would end up in Lake Havasu City, AZ - another 40+ miles north. 
We have already been there a couple of times with different people, but remember the other couple that rode their bike to the bar, well they had not.  The road up to LHC is spectacular as it curves thru all the mountain ranges and can view various water spots along the way, so we are always willing to go again.

Of course “The London Bridge” is the main attraction, plus they wanted to take the boat over to the casino to check out the lake.  None of us are much on giving our money to the casinos, so we grabbed something to drink (non-alcohol) and watched the ducks while waiting for the next boat. We had not taken the boat before; as each time we went to LHC it was during the week and basically had the place to ourselves, never saw the boat running.  Apparently that is not true for the weekend, as there were plenty of people buzzing around; not only on land but by water too.  While enjoying our boat ride, we even got to see some of the miniature replica lighthouses that are scattered around the lake.

After a quick bite to eat; it was time to hit the road again, as we had a bit of a ride ahead of us (back to Quartzsite: 80+/- miles) and the sun was disappearing quickly.  This means; get ready for a cold ride – just think 60 degrees with about 80-90 miles an hour of wind hitting you!!!  THAT’S PRETTY DARN NIPPY!!!!!  

All back – safe and sound, maybe next time you can come along for the ride!!  

Collage of our trip.  This blue heeler is not our Max, but couldn't pass up taking his picture with is life jacket :))

“On the road again, I just can’t wait to get on the road again” – well rumor has it; our next trip might be finding a fossil bed?  

Stay tune; but for now 10-4 good buddy! =)

Friday, February 17, 2012

California Desert: Blythe Intaglios

The Blythe Intaglios are a group of gigantic earth figures found on the ground near Blythe, CA. These intaglios are east of the Big Maria Mountains, about 15 miles north of Blythe - just west of Highway 95 near the Colorado River. The intaglios are best viewed from the air, and that is exactly how they were discovered. In 1932, local pilot George Palmer was flying over the Colorado River into Blythe when he accidentally spotted the formations below him.

Intaglios are gigantic human, animal and geometric figures on the ground surface.  The ground drawings are situated on two low mesas or terraces, but not too worry, it’s an easy hike.  There are several figures in three locations. The figures include two large humans, a feline and a concentric circle and a spiral. The largest human figure measures 171 feet from head to toe. 

The dates of origin remain a mystery but the figures are believed to between 450 to 2000 years old. According to the Native Americans of the lower Colorado River area, their oral histories believe the human figures represent Mastamho, the creator of all life. The animal figures represent Hatakulya, one of two mountain lions who helped in the creation. Sacred ceremonial dances were held in the area in ancient times to honor the creation.  The Blythe Intaglios have been fenced to prevent further damage.  We don’t want to spoil it for everyone else, so we only posted the man; you will have to go see the others… ;)

Of course since we were already in the Big Maria Mountains, we had to scout out the area.  Unfortunately, most of the trails had been closed, so we only found a few to explore.  High clearance vehicle recommended to explore the back country, however not to get to the intaglios.

Metal Detecting = Nails ;(

Do you see the "dragon"?

Where's the road?
It seems Max puts all his energy into exploring the back country, as soon as he knew we were heading home – it’s nap time.   This time was NO different!!  Oh, until he heard river!  Yes, we saw a river not far from the road when driving to find the intaglios, so we were talking about finding access to let Max swim.  It turned out to be the Palo Verde Diversion Dam, a very deep and crystal clear dam.  And yes, Max got to swim!! =) 

Are you watching me?

Spring is coming, so it want be long and we will get to join Max for a swim!

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” ~ Mae West