Sunday, October 30, 2011

Life is good! :o)

Wow, it's hard to believe a month has already slipped by since Jerry retired!  Where does the time go?

For us, we have been able to spend some time with family, completed some projects, and helping Brother Bill get a few things done too.  Now we are looking forward to getting on the road, but first, we still have a couple of stops before heading "West".  Max has really enjoyed the country living as well; getting to roam freely, chasing wild life, swimming with the catfish and oh let's not forget trying to befriend a skunk.  Yes, a skunk!!   Well you're probably are thinking... how well did that work for him?   If you were thinking NOT so well.... you're right!!  We got to enjoy the wonderful aroma for the next few weeks.  Jerry always said; he like the aroma of a skunk, so I had to ask... How well do you like it now!?! :)~ LOL  NOT SO MUCH...we must really love our dog!!!

One project: Getting the "Winter Coat" put on "the toy"...
Summer Fashion

Winter Fashion

Friday, October 7, 2011

Leaving Memories Behind...

Just when our patience and time was running out, we got an offer on the house. We thought we would have 30-45 days to close, but the new owners wanted it in 2 1/2 weeks.  The RUSH was on....

Once the trailer was a hanger for our friend airplanes; Jerry made an offer that must have been too good to pass up.  Now will it be big enough to hold all the things we wanted to keep?

Started scratching our heads wondering it it would all this is just a small portion!!

Before getting a contract on the house, Deb was scheduled to have hardware removed from a previous injury.  Surgery on Monday and was packing on Tuesday just to get it all done.  Just no time for recovery! (this picture was taken almost 4 weeks later)

Against all odds and logical reasoning and scraping a few lines in the pavement from a very overloaded trailer made it to Brother Bill's with only one minor issue. We had one blow out on the way up to Oklahoma.  Hope Oklahoma Highway department does not make us pay for the grooves left along the roadway.

All loaded up and ready to head out!

Trailer loaded down with motorcycle, land cruiser, and load of wood under the tarp.  Couldn't have done it all without all the help of friends and family.  Special thanks to David.

As we head out of town, the Jeep broke down in the middle of a three lane road.  Thanks go out to a Lewisville police officer and another gentlemen, which helped push Deb out of the road.

We had things stuffed everywhere in the RV to just to get out of the house. Once we arrived we moved everything to the front just to be able to sleep.

Shiner time!!  Our way to end a heck time and to new beginnings!!