Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Magic Circle?

Finally arrived at Quartzite, AZ it was time to get this adventure started!!   While registering for our stay¸ we asked the host “what can you tell us about Quartzite?”  They were very informative, which they also informed us we may be asked to join “The Magic Circle”.  

We found our perfect site, now it was time to get out and explore and give Max his much needed walk.


Then we came upon this sign….

Guess we are heading “North”, but wait…. the arrows are pointing “East” as well!?!


Guess this sign answered the uncertainties! 
"N" is not for North!

Now what to do; continue on or turn around….

You only live once, RIGHT?

Jerry wanted to turn around and high tale it away from there, as he didn’t care to see any “old wrinkle skin people”.  However Deb was for the experience after all we were fully clothed and wearing jackets, so who would be nude.   

So what did we do…

We continued on…

As we were walking and looking at the different rigs (RVs), out walks this “old wrinkled” man butt ass naked.  We got a good laugh (and an adult conversion going)!!  

The Magic Tent

Down a bit, we came across this HUGE Tent.

What do you think goes on in there?????

Deb was curious, so Jerry said I’m sure they would let you join them. Haha, curious and wanting to be apart are totally two different things.

On down the road we go…

Until, we came upon another guy, not so wrinkled this time cleaning his tent (much like the magic tent, but smaller).  I guess the cool air didn’t bother them a bit!!   

However, we were off to find our rig before anyone could extend an invitation to join the "Magic"!

Happy Trails!

The Need For SPEED?

Have you ever had the need for SPEED?  I think it is in all of us at some point or another, however sometimes we just never grow out of it.

For Ed, speed is just a hobby.  This sweet baby, 
1999 Suzuki Hayabusa can hit 203mph in just
8 seconds.  WOW, now that is fast!!

I sure wouldn't want to be on the back with him!!!      How about you?

Happy Trails.... Be Safe!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving in the Desert

We definitely have a lot to be thankful for this year, as we received many blessing while preparing for this new lifestyle.  We drive hundreds of miles to a desert were we know NO ONE, stake our site and said we're here... NO WHAT!?!

We were finishing our daily walk when we meet Jim.  Shortly after we meet Jim, he started filling us in on who's rig was who's.   This is when we figured out there is just a bunch of small communities out here in the desert. Then we got an invitation to join him and two other couples (Nick and Patty & Glen and Jana) to eat fish at the local laundromat cafe on Friday. Yes, the laundromat!!  Just goes to tell you how small the town is. 

What do people do in the desert for Thanksgiving?  Shortly we found out...our new desert family all get together and have a potluck style dinner. This year it's going to be Saturday the 19th, as another couple was meeting family shortly afterwards. Sound good to us, so now what to bring?  We were asked to bring a cake and anything else we wanted to bring.  So we started thinking about what kind of cake, as chocolate and coconut pies are Deb's specialties.  So we thought Carrot Cake, German Chocolate, Italian Cream, however Deb had only brought two round cake pans with us and could only cook one pan at a time in our small oven.  So the wheels started turning....... what can Deb make in just a standard cake pan?  Soon she decided a Strawberry Cake, however there was just one small problem...we had no mixing bowls.  So we had to go into town to the local kitchen tent and buy a mixing bowl.  Plus Deb made the broccoli salad that Jerry loves.

 The cake was a HIT!  It even beat out the local bakery's pies, so Deb was feeling pretty good. =)

Of all days for the wind to pick up - everyone was holding on to their plates.

We had many more people, but the camera man apparently didn't take too many pictures.  To see more pictures click here.

Then on Thanksgiving Day eight of us went to Q Town Cafe for the traditional dinner.  Of course Barb would have to take the picture when Deb was chewing.

Our beautiful sunset to end our Thanksgiving Holiday!

We missed your families, however we got many text messages and calls into and from them. 


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Burgers & Canyons

It was time to get out and start seeing some of the sites, so we headed South toward Yuma to check out a few places our new friend Jim told us about.

Stone Cabin, AZ (35 miles South on Hwy 95 from Quartzite)  is Randy's Burgers. Not only will you get good food, but you get to enjoy Randy's sense of humor too.

After burgers, we decided to check out some of the canyons in Kofa.  This part is about 10 miles North of Stone Cabin @ mile marker 85.

Palm Canyon is located at the end of a 7 mile dirt road.  This is the only Canyon in Arizona where you can find a canyon of Palm Trees.

After a short rocky and sometimes steep climb you finally get to a observation spot where a sign points you in the right direction to spot the Palms, as there is no path to get to them.  It was a tough climb for Deb, as she had Max pulling her over the loose rocks... LOL

Our view from the observation spot looking across the parking lot.

A man and his dog (aka Jerry and Max)

We have found out quickly, you just don't know what the wind will be like in AZ.  One moment it's nice and calm, seconds later blowing in all directions. 

Heading into Queen Canyon, which is about 5 miles off the main road into Palm Canyon.

Neat Rock Formation

Queen Canyon

Human Skull Rock Formation (this is a picture from the internet)

These folks were in the mouth of the skull when we drove by, but they were kind enough to let us take a picture (why we didn't get a full picture of the skull formation).  A good spot to get out of the wind.
More of Queen Canyon

The different Rock Formations are unbelievable

As the sun was starting to set
At end of the dry creek wash (they call road) you have to walk about another 4 miles to get to the original site of Kofa Queen Mine.

Once again Max found the cactus... beginning to think he likes to be carried. Needless to say we didn't make it to the mine.

A beautiful sunset to end our day in the canyons.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Meeting The "Devil"

Hitting the back roads... you just never know what you many encounter!  However this time was just a little different... something called the "devil" was luring in the desert.

While driving in the back country; we kept admiring these cactus, which later found out they are named Devil Cholla. 
A nice close-up of the devils!! As seen here they are on a stem, but also can grow on the ground as a mat. The barbed spines will attach themselves to anything, but not easily removed, which is how they get their name.

I guess you might be asking, why all the information about this cactus....

Well our four-legged buddy decided to explore the area as we were trying to decide our route along the mountain. As I turned around to see where he might have gone to, I find him desperately trying to get the barbed spines out of his feet. ;( It freaked me out, because Max was covered in these stems and now had a mouth full of them too. We had to carry him out, them the battle began to try and remove them. Not only was Max bleeding, so was both of us trying to remove these "devils" (even gloves didn't help).      Max is still licking his wounds.

After walking, scraping my boots against rocks, these stems are still in my boots, so you can just image what our poor boy must have been like. I was too shaken up to even think of getting a picture of Max, so you can only try to imagine for yourself. Just hope he doesn't have any down his throat which could cause him any pain.  Not a fun experience for any of us!!