Monday, April 23, 2012

Summer Retreat:Tahoe National Forest

Hey there ~ we’ve been  MIA (missing in action) way too long….

Hope everyone has been enjoying their spring so far – well minus all the crazy storms back home for our families (Texas and Oklahoma) – spring always brings a lot of down pours and tornados.  Maybe where you are things are a little quitter – let’s hope!


Welcome to our summer retreat……..

This has been our “dream home” – in the mountains, along a creek or river, with lots of tress, and of course a lot of space to have a nice shop.  And this place has it all, so we are all set.   

***** Let the summer begin *****

WOO – wait a second…..   

Are we dreaming……   or is really true…..

DARN IT!!!  It was just a dream!!!

Being in the mountains, with lots of trees, and a creek – well that wasn’t a dream.

We are actually in Tahoe NF to work.  Yes, we did mention that nasty 4 letter word – WORK!   

Well, at least for Deb… she took a job to be a camp host (but remember when-----  when we said our vows, we became a unit of one – so guess Jerry will be right beside her - :0).   YEP, we are in this together, and wouldn’t have it any other way.  Deb just gets the paycheck ~ LOL.

Isn’t that the way it always works!?!

Deb has always talked about wanting to do something like this after we got our traveling bug out of us, but thanks to our good buddies over at "Trailer Trekin" it happen a little sooner than later. 
We arrived on Wednesday afternoon and by Thursday afternoon; we were hard at work – but more on that later. 

The biggest adjustment is not having cell or internet service readily available at the site.  We have to drive about 5 miles up the mountain for a weak AT&T cell signal, or another 35 miles down the mountain to gain full service for cell and internet.  But, please be patience with us – we will keep posting – although it might only be once a week.

In the meantime; we want to send prayers to Jerry’s sister-in-law as she recovers from surgery, our friend Tracy, as she goes thru some test, and Deb’s mom as she prepares for a knee replacement surgery.

What’s your summer plans?   If you have plans to come to Lake Tahoe or the area, let us know.

For now good buddies - we're going to say 10-4 and go play in Reno.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Reno: Hungry Valley Area - Moon Rocks

Moon Rocks is just one area within Hungry Valley OHV (off-highway vehicle) area with many miles of trails– tucked away in the desert outside of Reno.  

Thanks to Army Bob (who we meet at Death Valley); we had the privilege to get to experience this outdoors playground. 

We visited the area for free camping, not really knowing about the OHV, however enjoyed hiking the trails. 

But after experiencing the place first hand and seeing how beautiful it was we now understand that all kinds of folks come out here for all kinds of things.  Camping, hiking, mountain biking, dirt bike, ATV, 4wheeling, photography, bird/wildlife viewing, open range shooting or just to watch the action.  You can find all levels of trails in the area – no matter what your levels are. 

Resting..... but, not for long

For Max; he enjoyed exploring the land and all its holes in the ground or in the rocks.   :D 

Where did it go?

There's more then one way...
WAIT - don't think this is the right way!    

Now, where did that lizard go?  See the lizard hiding on the side of the rock!!  

Not sure what kind, but thick and flat.

All this action took place at Moon Rocks during one of our hikes.  After all these efforts, Max was one tired doggy.   And if you are wondering, he never did see the lizard on the rock.

If you are a true 4wheeling fan, Moon Rocks is your kind of place.  Moon Rocks area measures from easy to body damage; there are deep crevasses that you can straddle, tall vertical waterfalls, narrow fins and off-camber ledges.  There are challenges for stock 4x4s and then there are many obstacles that need front and rear lockers, armor and hatred for sheet metal.  

<--  Never for us, but lots will - not sure if it's for the challenge or just to show off.   However, we had straddled once or twice.  Both photo are provided by Jeremy L.
If you straddle; have yourself a good "Spotter"!  (=
 As any 4x4 outing; be prepare with extra parts, because it is very easy to get into trouble and break something.  Roll-overs are likely, body damage is a given and we’re sure spirits will be soaring! 

We pulled in on Sunday late afternoon, so Moon Rocks, as other trails, were pretty active; however by the evening, we were the only ones left.  We definitely had complete solitude.

Make sure you bring in everything you need, as there are no facilities.  This is a free area, so please make sure to pack out your trash, parts, shells, or anything else.  With everyone’s help, just maybe it will remain free and a place to fully enjoy the great outdoors.

Question to ya...We all have these unique spots… where’s yours?

Directions:  From Reno, head north on Hwy 445 toward Pyramid Lake.  Drive about 15 miles – look for Winnemucca Ranch Road (small sign on right) – turn left.  Drive about 6 miles – road will go from paved to dirt – then you will see Gov't sign on right - Moon Rocks on the left.  Turn left on the dirt road – you will be entering Hungry Valley OHV area (we did not see the sign), but shortly did see street sign – Moon Rocks about another mile.