Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Someone had a birthday...

This date happens to mark the day my mother gave birth to her baby girl, after having two sons already.  And that is basically how I view it, as I have never really been the type of person who makes a big deal about it.  In fact; I don't like attention drawn to me, so low key events work just fine for me -receiving phone calls, text messages, Facebook messages, cards, and dinner for the occasion.  Okay, okay...the hubby does get me a gift too.

Everyday is a celebration for not only me but for the hubby too, especially now that we travel full-time.

After getting up;  we decided neither of us really cared to get out and about, so we had a relaxing day hanging out in the rig.  I got to work on my new hobby - making ear rings, Jerry decided to work on us a new playlist for the iPod and Max decided it was a great day chasing lizards in the desert.  We even decided to postpone our dinner celebration until we get to our next city where there is a little better of a selection for restaurants.

Cherishing the small things, as there are more of them.....


  1. Was so happy to read that you had such a relaxing day with Jerry. Grown-up birthdays mean you can do exactly what you want - run with scissors, swim immediately after eating four hot dogs and a cotton candy, sit a foot away from the TV, play with a stick without worry that you'll poke your brother's eye out, or crossing your eyes and sticking out your tongue (without fear it will freeze that way). Or you can have a cozy, at home in the rig while manhusband plays in the background. Glad you did what YOU wanted!

    PS...earrings are absolutely fantastic - as is your presentation. Thank goodness the scrapbookers, stampers, and card makers didn't capture your were MADE for this! So cool to see familiar beads used in such unique ways. Once I wade through the pile of paperwork, etc, that was dutifully awaiting our return, I will unpack some of my Q'site gems, beads and assorted treasures. Then I, too, hope to churn out and post a few pieces. you're an inspiration, Deb!!!

    Good luck when you pull out!

    XO to all...
    Kath (and Carl and Dodger too)

  2. Glad you had a great day and I love the these earrings also,i think I like the ones in the meddle the best they are a little different. Take care till next time...