Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring 2013; Desert Blooms & Explore Backcountry

Awe, Spring time is in the desert air. In my opinion the best time to be in the desert; warmer temps and the glow of the blooms shine above the desert floor.

The average temps are around high 40s to high 80s with a few blistering days around 97F. Oh my those 97 degrees days where a bit much; reminded us too much of being back in Texas - lol. Although we heard the Spring will be warmer than usual this year with no help for states in the drought climates. Beginning to think Texas will be the new desert if things don't change soon.

Here's just a few blooms and views we are getting to explore in SW Arizona.

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  1. the flowers are really pretty, but I will still take Texas over the desert any time. glad you'll are having a good time. Love you all 3, mom