Saturday, April 6, 2013

Petrified Forest Nat’l Park

What started out as a place to camp free for the night landed us at the entrance of Petrified Forest N.P. - a pleasant surprise.  There is a dry camp area that can house approximately twenty or so rigs by the gift shops.

One of the largest petrified wood deposits in the world; this piece of America’s heritage was set aside in 1906 to protect and make available for public enjoyment.   After a quick video about the park, it was time to walk the trails amidst ancient petrified logs, take in the wide vistas of the Painted Desert, discover voices of the past in the petroglyphs, and listen to the silence of the wilderness – all with our four-legged pal.  All trails are pet friendly, however they are not allowed in the visitor centers or Desert Inn. 

Agate House - built between A.D.1050 and 1300

As beautiful on the inside as the out

One large log w/ painted back drop

Sliced logs all cut by mother nature

Blue Mesa Vistas - our view for lunch
Just a few petroglyphs on the rocks

The Badlands

Just imagine 225 million years ago these grounds were steamy, swampy, equatorial climate with oversized Triassic trees and dinosaurs that inhabited this area. 

If you happen to be in the area (AZ East on I-40); it is well worth visiting the park if nothing more than just drive the 28 miles to see the views – well suited for large RVs.  The cactus had buds, but no blooms as of yet, however we did spot a few visitors on the trails - several small lizards and a small snake.  Luckily Max didn't step on or spot the snake.

Hope you get to visit the park soon.  Until next time....
Jerry, Deb & Max  

P.S.  We want to give a shout out to Jerry's brother Buck - Happy 80th Birthday!


  1. Great post and pictures! So glad you are enjoying the road... <3

  2. Beautiful pictures wish I was there to see this in person, bet it is more beautiful. Glad you are having a good time, Love all 3 of you..

  3. I forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Buck..

  4. My family and I went to the Petrified Forest in AZ when I was younger and I remember it well. Great pics. Hope all is well. ~Holly