Monday, March 4, 2013

Watch out Phoenix; Girls Day Out

It was time to shake off the dirt from desert living and hit the city for the day with our own tour guide. Christine had lived in the Phoenix area, so she was pleased to take Barb, Cathi, Gigi, and I on a personal tour while we worked our way to the Phoenix Zoo and possibly the Botanical Gardens. So we thought it ended up being a day of eating, site seeing, and a few animals.

After our few errands; Christine introduced us to Pita Jungle , which specializes in organic healthy eating.  They have 17 locations; 14 in Arizona and 3 in California, so if you happen to be in either of these two states; I would highly recommend checking them out.   I fully enjoyed my wood-fired chicken dinner (wood-fired marinated chicken breast on a bed of wilted spinach and garlic herb smashed potatoes with a light garlic tomato sauce)...excuse me as I wipe the drool – lol.  After such a wonderful meal; it was time for the zoo as I really needed a little exercise to help work-off our lunch feast! 

GiGi, Cathi, Christine, Me, & Barb

I personally like to see animals in a more natural sitting instead of cages; so wasn’t too sure what to expect visiting the Phoenix Zoo.  It was a quaint local zoo; not too many animals on site and small natural enclosures, and it appeared the landscape needed a little TLC.   Just was not what I had experienced in other zoo environments; plus we arrived early afternoon and most of the animals were napping, which was also a big disappointment. However I was with great company and enjoyed seeing the beautiful animals – after all it’s not every day you get to see wild animals.  All that walking did us some good; emptied our stomachs enough to try another favorite of Christine’s.

Barb & I enjoying a drink after all that walking

But before that; she took us to Scottsdale to show us the unique and quaint downtown area.  We didn’t really have the time to get out and scout around, however it did draw me in to say; “have to come back someday”.  All types of shopping, eateries, museums, and people watching.  Then we headed back to Chandler, AZ to have a little Mexican food at El Zocalo .  Again, another outstanding eatery and the services were excellent.  But it didn’t end there…

Road Runner

While having dinner, we started talking about ending the day with dessert.  Of course being at a Mexican eatery we saw sopapillas with fried ice cream on the menu.  However, one of the ladies never had it, so she was asked what was her favorite dessert?  Cheesecake quickly came out, so…. what better place to get cheesecake…The Cheesecake Factory .  Although we got them to go this time, as most were too full, getting late, and/or want to share with our hubby.  Not mine; he got his own… that’s just the way I roll…

Awesome outing gals; hopefully we can do it again someday!  Now it’s time to rest…

Rainbow; got his name due to rump was rainbow colors

Loin's napping together

Tiger, what a beauty
Big Horn Sheep


  1. Deb - sounds like an amazing day for you! It looks like you had a nice day and the lunch dish seemed absolutely delicious!!! I too would get my own dessert - it's just a thing that can't be shared! Glad to see some pics of you!

  2. Wonderful day of eating with good friends. Animals? Oh yeah, there WERE animals, too!

  3. Sound like you had a great time.. so glad, you needed some time for just you. It is so much fun when you can go in small group like that and have a good time and plenty to eat.