Friday, June 1, 2012

Work Hard; Play Harder!

After a couple of weeks working, we decided to get out and take some pictures of the area.  With snow melting – about 2” a day - the rivers are roaring and the waterfalls are so beautiful.

Snow is a bit dirty, but still pretty to us.  And of course it is all gone now.



Snow, it must be play time!
This was a sno-park for snowmobiles, but Max thought it was all for him. =)

Once trout season opened the game begins – who could get into Jackson Meadows first.   Whose boat is in the water first?  Their challenge is “snow”; you see the road to get into Jackson Meadows is a Sno-Park for snowmobiles during the winter, so the road only gets plowed as the snow melts and then only to a certain point.  

Our curiosity couldn’t hold out any longer; off we go to check out the hype.  Plus Tom wanted to see if they could get into Pass Creek campground, which is where they will live for the summer.  The road is 17 miles to Jackson Meadows; there weren’t many problems – there were parts only one lane could be use, so seems like smooth sailing - well until you got to about 15 miles in. 

Dave (man walking in next picture, we so forgot to take pictures) was the first person we came upon, which he so happy when we asked if he needed a hand.  One truck turned around when he saw him stranded.  REALLY; how does one leave someone stranded in the wilderness alone?  He was so grateful that he gave Jerry $100 to tow him out.

Not one but two tows at once
Bubba (truck) and Wilson (van) showed up as we were pulling Dave out, however when Wilson tried to come thru in the van, he got struck.  Bubba tried to pull Wilson out and got struck, so Mr. Tow Man (Jerry) was there for the rescue.  

Needless to say Jerry enjoyed bragging rights for pulling everyone out (6 total) – and he was pretty proud of the performance the “toy” showed.   

 Breathtaking views after all that towing!

Have you ever been stranded; asked for help and been told – SORRY?   It happen to us before; we walked out for help- after 5 miles, we flagged down a truck for a ride to some friends (about another 2 miles) to be told – “you want me to turn around”, SORRY – it’s my anniversary – I got to get home ---REALLY!!!!  

Lake Tahoe is the main reason we wanted to take this position, which Deb has been begging to at least just take a quick trip around the lake.  Finally, we did with some great company – Tom and Tracy.

WOW - can only imagine waking up to this view everyday!!
We have all summer to share our journey as we get out and explore all the different areas, so stay tune.

Please come for a visit if you can, we would love to share out views with you!!


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