Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Where has the time gone?

Where has the time gone?

Can’t believe it has been so long since our last post!!!  Never imagine the impact to not having internet, phone, or TV readily available. Internet has been the toughest– really never thought it would have such an impact on us!! 

How about you; would losing internet be a big deal for you?

Beginning to think it might be a LONNNNGGGG summer from the internet aspect- LOL.


Cottonwood Creek campground in Tahoe Recreation, which is managed by California Land Management Services (CLM Services).    It’s a beautiful campground just off Hwy 89; covered in tall pine trees – 48 sites with 1 group site, 2 walking trails –nature trail loop with a creek flowing thru it and an overlook trail.

These are the times when having the powers of “Bewitch” could really come in handy – LOL.  



Now our campers can enjoy their stay with the grounds looking like this   ----->

A couple of weeks into this new adventure, we found out Deb also will manage Cold Creek campground as well – it’s about a half mile down Hwy 89. 

 This campground is a bit smaller with 13 sites, with big pines on the left side (Hwy side) and grassy meadows and the Truckee River on the right. 

 Entry to the campground
Meadow and river

Uniforms arrived and Deb was officially on duty to provide a pleasant and safe environment for each of our campers. 

Unfortunately the truck was only temporary, now she walks the grounds or drives the “toy” (wasn’t really expecting having to haul cleaning supplies and tools in the toy – let’s just hope it doesn’t cause and damage).

Not a bear; just Max trying to get to the chipmunk
 Max has really enjoyed his summer place; when we have no campers he gets a chance to chase wildlife (chipmunks mostly with a few birds), luckily he didn’t see the herd of deer that walk right thru the middle of our grounds (and we didn’t have our camera).  Oh, let’s not forget the swims in the creek. 

This feels go good; I don't want to get out!

Can I please go back in the water?

Since Deb is only working 20 per week, we have plenty of time to get out and explore the breathtaking views. 

However, it’s been unfortunate that we haven’t got to do as much as we would have liked to so far, but we are getting very familiar with Reno.  It’s cheaper to drive into Reno to shop and for gas then it is in the local towns.  Plus Jerry finally got registered with the VA for medical care; his eligibility benefits allow us the ability to cancel his current plan – what a pleasant surprise and savings! 

Well, we forgot the computer cord and the battery is about dead, so guess I will have to post more tomorrow.  =(

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