Friday, June 1, 2012

Wild Plum

We were asked if you wanted to accept a 40 hours position being a host at Wild Plum campground, so we went to check it out.  It’s about 26 miles from our current place.

It was a beautiful park, with the Yuba River right next to the grounds.  Multiply hiking trails right off the park, gold panning for Jerry, and quaint little towns to visit.

However the host site was very depressing, as it was down in a hole with NO SUN (just no way we could handle that until September).  Plus it would have put us about 50 miles away from our friends – Tom and Tracy (the whole reason we are here). 

We love our current spot, plus Max gets to run freely when we have no campers, so all in all we feel we are in the right spot for us! =)    

PLUS we didn’t retire to work 40 works and not get to go explore!!!  What fun is that!!!!

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