Friday, June 1, 2012


Happy Memorial Day to all our soldiers and veterans that have served to protect us, so we can have our freedom!   


Memorial Day weekend is like open season for campers; the weather breaks, flowers start to bloom, and it’s time to hit the lakes or go for a hike.  

As we talked to family back home in Texas/Oklahoma, they are dealing with the heat already in the mid 90’s, while we were dealing with ---> 

By Friday evening, it was just cold and wet.  Saturday had off/on showers, Sunday partly sunny, with Monday being the best – full sun and high 60s.  However, the weather didn’t scare everyone - we had a total of 9 tents and 8 trailers in both campgrounds – 45 people total.

We have already had three different group of cyclist camp in our campgrounds this season, which we just imaged they were locals; however that has been far from the truth.  Only had the opportunity to speak with two of the three, which much to Deb’s amazement, they were not from the area. 

 One gentlemen traveling by himself; had ridden from Idaho (950 miles when he arrived) and heading to Reno, NV to visit a friend who will be taking him back to Idaho. 

 The next couple arrived Monday evening, which were from Sweden.  They were out for their “The Great Escape” which started in Austin, TX in March 2012 jumped on their bikes and by May 2012 they were camping in our campground.  They were great people to visit with as Deb got them registered for the evening.  We wished them well on their travels as their next destination was "The Crater” in Oregon.  If you would like to see their journal, please check out:

Question:  What did you do for your holiday weekend?

Okay, you are up to date now and I promise to keep you posted on a weekly basis now.  

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