Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tamale Festival 2011

On Saturday, December 17th; we took another road trip down south to Somerton, AZ to partake in the 5th annual tamale festival.  This trip was all for Jerry as Deb doesn’t like tamales so much.  

Not a seat open in site

They were expecting over 20 thousand people for this one day event, in the heart of Somerton, on Main Street between Union Ave. and Somerton Ave.  Yes, I did say 20,000 people in this small space….   
Just a few people, don't you think...

White Tent (left by tree) = Ticket Booth
It was FREE to get into the event and for a buck fifty ($1.50) you could buy yourself a tamale or for six bucks ($6) get a tamale dinner (2 tamales with rice and beans).  It was nice they let you in on the price, so you didn’t have to stand in that ticket line twice. 

There were a variety of different tamales to try; standard- beef and chicken, a favorite - corn, specialties- green chilies w/cheese, as well as sweet tamales in pineapple, coconut, and apple caramel, just to name a few.  Note to self: It was best to see which vendors were steaming their tamales on site, as they were fresher, than from the ice chest.

Tamales where not the only thing, as other vendors were selling bake goods to help raise money for different school functions, so of course Deb had to contribute and get herself a cupcake. =)

Entertainment was as much a part of this festival as the tamales, with two stages – one on each end of the event.  This year there were local dance and choir and country & western group and some pretty famous Mexican groups – Los Cadetes de Linares and Los Tiranos del Norte.  We watched a few of the local dancers, then were out of there to escape the crowd.

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