Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ham I Am...

Max posing for his photo shoots…LOL    Actually, it’s Max just being Max……
What, can't you see I'm reading?

Been riding since I was a puppy

Hurry up dad, I'm ready to go

See I know my manners
Nite nite time

Am I driving?

I love you daddy...

Oops, you caught me in the river

Watch me dive into the lake

Look where I am, on top of the large fallen tree limp

My pet rock

I love my ice cream too

Time to chill

Our handsome guy


  1. Boy, he sure does crave the attention!! Joel really enjoyed these pics. Hope you had a nice holiday, despite the fat ankle....always something!! ~Holly

  2. Oh boy, he can not get enough attention!! He definitely has a BIG personality that just shines in all he does. I'm glad Joel enjoyed the post, as I did it due to his request. =)

  3. He is so funny to watch and enjoy watching him play .