Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Magic Circle?

Finally arrived at Quartzite, AZ it was time to get this adventure started!!   While registering for our stay¸ we asked the host “what can you tell us about Quartzite?”  They were very informative, which they also informed us we may be asked to join “The Magic Circle”.  

We found our perfect site, now it was time to get out and explore and give Max his much needed walk.


Then we came upon this sign….

Guess we are heading “North”, but wait…. the arrows are pointing “East” as well!?!


Guess this sign answered the uncertainties! 
"N" is not for North!

Now what to do; continue on or turn around….

You only live once, RIGHT?

Jerry wanted to turn around and high tale it away from there, as he didn’t care to see any “old wrinkle skin people”.  However Deb was for the experience after all we were fully clothed and wearing jackets, so who would be nude.   

So what did we do…

We continued on…

As we were walking and looking at the different rigs (RVs), out walks this “old wrinkled” man butt ass naked.  We got a good laugh (and an adult conversion going)!!  

The Magic Tent

Down a bit, we came across this HUGE Tent.

What do you think goes on in there?????

Deb was curious, so Jerry said I’m sure they would let you join them. Haha, curious and wanting to be apart are totally two different things.

On down the road we go…

Until, we came upon another guy, not so wrinkled this time cleaning his tent (much like the magic tent, but smaller).  I guess the cool air didn’t bother them a bit!!   

However, we were off to find our rig before anyone could extend an invitation to join the "Magic"!

Happy Trails!


  1. Good choice, guys...
    I'd rather see a Train Wreck than 70 year old people Naked!!

  2. Wow, it's now been a few months. My question is have you started panning for Gold? The new season of Gold Rush is on and so far, it's not quite as good as the first year...

    Good times

  3. Jim, I'm not sure about you, but that is about all I have seen...what happened to the later baby boomers!?! However, I think I would still rather see a 70 year old people naked then a train wreck, at least I can turn my head and know all is good - can't say that about a train wreck. =)

    Thanks for stopping by... Happy Trails!

  4. Not yet, we are in the desert and no water to pan. There are a lot of claims and we see workimg mines all around us. They either dig shafts or dry wash for gold here. Too much work for me, however I have found a gpaa claim in the area we are in and they state that metal dectors can find nugets so I am going to try that.

  5. Oh my, sounds like quite an adventure. After your first encounter, not sure I would want to check out the "Magic Tent!" Sounds like you guys are quite enjoying your times on the trails. Best Wishes, Holly

  6. Holly: LOL, my thoughts exactly!! Hope you are enjoying the blog. Cheers

  7. Life time nudist here. Can't wait to experience the Magic Circle. Like people in their 70's don't have wrinkles under their clothes. Nudists just don't care. Nothing is as comfortable as our birthday suits. I will be wearing sunscreen, shoes, hat and a smile while I work on my "no tan lines" time in the sun.

  8. For more info on the Magic Circle go to: