Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving in the Desert

We definitely have a lot to be thankful for this year, as we received many blessing while preparing for this new lifestyle.  We drive hundreds of miles to a desert were we know NO ONE, stake our site and said we're here... NO WHAT!?!

We were finishing our daily walk when we meet Jim.  Shortly after we meet Jim, he started filling us in on who's rig was who's.   This is when we figured out there is just a bunch of small communities out here in the desert. Then we got an invitation to join him and two other couples (Nick and Patty & Glen and Jana) to eat fish at the local laundromat cafe on Friday. Yes, the laundromat!!  Just goes to tell you how small the town is. 

What do people do in the desert for Thanksgiving?  Shortly we found out...our new desert family all get together and have a potluck style dinner. This year it's going to be Saturday the 19th, as another couple was meeting family shortly afterwards. Sound good to us, so now what to bring?  We were asked to bring a cake and anything else we wanted to bring.  So we started thinking about what kind of cake, as chocolate and coconut pies are Deb's specialties.  So we thought Carrot Cake, German Chocolate, Italian Cream, however Deb had only brought two round cake pans with us and could only cook one pan at a time in our small oven.  So the wheels started turning....... what can Deb make in just a standard cake pan?  Soon she decided a Strawberry Cake, however there was just one small problem...we had no mixing bowls.  So we had to go into town to the local kitchen tent and buy a mixing bowl.  Plus Deb made the broccoli salad that Jerry loves.

 The cake was a HIT!  It even beat out the local bakery's pies, so Deb was feeling pretty good. =)

Of all days for the wind to pick up - everyone was holding on to their plates.

We had many more people, but the camera man apparently didn't take too many pictures.  To see more pictures click here.

Then on Thanksgiving Day eight of us went to Q Town Cafe for the traditional dinner.  Of course Barb would have to take the picture when Deb was chewing.

Our beautiful sunset to end our Thanksgiving Holiday!

We missed your families, however we got many text messages and calls into and from them. 


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