Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Friends, Family and Memories

H-E-L-L-O again….  We haven’t vanished off the face of the earth, just been kicking back in Shawnee, Oklahoma visiting family and friends.  We even got a surprised visit from our friends Barb & Jim as they stopped by for a few days when coming through Oklahoma heading to Arizona. 

Ryan, JoAnn, Jerry, and Gene
 The weather hasn’t been what we would hope for, as it has been mostly rainy or cool/cold – Cold?  Guess it all depends if you ask Jerry or me – LOL.  After purchasing another motorhome, we had plans to do a total clean out and only take things we know we will use and store the rest.  Then Jerry had some electrical things to get completed before heading to Texas, but the weather has put a damper on getting any of this completed.  Oh well, guess it gives us more time to visit with family and friends!!  :) 

Ryan with his first love - entertaining family!
We even received yet another surprise once we got here; our oldest son Ryan has decided to take an employment opportunity in Florida, and he would be leaving in a few weeks.  WHAT? WAIT!!!  We haven’t seen him in a year and now that we are here, he leaves – LOL.   We wish him nothing but the BEST in life, plus it just gives us another reason to visit Florida. 

 Once Ryan got his things settled in Dallas, he made the drive up to see us.  Yay, because we got his full attention for three days, not something we get too often.  You know how single men are --- don’t you?  The family couldn’t believe how much he has grown –up and out!!!  They knew him as a young teenage who was all bones – think that has changed a bit!  

“A smile happens in a flash, but the memory can last a lifetime”    We love your smile, the gentlemen you have become, and the desire to go after your dreams.  Dad & Deb

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