Thursday, July 26, 2012

May In Voyage: King Canyon/Sequoia Nat’l Park

June 26-28 2012
Off to see the Giant Sequoia Gloves in King Canyon Nat’l Park with our friend Tom & Tracy!!  The destination was set, but sleeping arrangements was another story – tents or lodging?   Why don’t we just take our tents and enjoy an adventurous camping trip, said Tracy.  Cool…let’s do it!!

However, once we took ownership of the new “Grey Ghost” (aka new motorhome) the adventure of camping changed a bit. Why sleep on the ground in the cool night air, when you can have a heater and two nice comfortable beds – LOL. =) Plus, it would be good to give the new rig a shakedown cruise just to make sure everything worked properly.  

Oh guess working for a campground concessioner, California Land Management Services (CLM Services) has it bonuses; we scored a beautiful place to camp for FREE!!  Thanks to both ops managers – Wayne and Dave, we stayed at Princess Campground in King Canyon.  We would highly recommend if you are planning a trip to King Canyon ~ this is the place to stay!!  It has recently reopened from renovations with breathtaking views along a meadow boardwalk.  We can’t wait to go back…

One large tree stump with nice ferns

It was a fast trip and not to mention a lot of driving for Jerry, as he was the only one who knew how to drive the new rig.  Plus, let’s not forget all the challenges of getting this big beast down small, curvy mountain roads with cliffs; at times barely missing the mirrors by inches.  It was a fun trip, but exhausting…   and to the bus driver – GREAT JOB!!
Horseback Tour

General Grant - "The Nation's Christmas Tree"
<-- One giant tree - 268' tall, 1700 years old, 40' diameter at ground level

 King Canyon scenic byway with lots of breathtaking views - these are just a few.

Max making sure daddy is keeping it between the lines - =)))
Have you gotten to get out and explore lately?

Until next time....

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