Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Back from the Break: Taking the Wheel

Finally Back from the Break:  I know it’s been awhile since I posted anything, but I couldn’t seem to keep up with all that was going on in January.  However, I will promise to get you an updated this week, so not only can you be up-to-date, but I can be also.  

If you have been following our blog, you might recall that we upgraded our living courts from a 29’ Class C to a 39’ Class A motorhome in June 2012.  Man it’s crazy how 10’ can be so intimidating, but just like the Class C, I’m bound to conquer the task – I will drive this one too.  

Jerry finally got the hang of handling the coach; however I have been intimidated by the BIG Beast.  Well until today – Woo Hoo!!   Got to start somewhere and I thought the desert was a good place to start.  Wish me luck, as I continue trying to master how to drive this big beast in the desert, down the highway, though town, and even park it in tight quarters.

Glad you hung in there with us,
Jerry, Deb & Max

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